Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Finds - 4/6/14


Dill Yorkshire Puddings with Smoked Salmon and Horseradish Cream Really interesting take on your typical cream cheese and lox for brunch - I love the pairing with dill. Not sure if I would do the horseradish cream - maybe a whipped cream cheese with more dill instead.

Sandwiches and Soups:


Leftover Chai Latte Scones Probably the best use of leftover chai I've ever seen

Rhubarb Scones Perfect combination of sweet and tart

Vanilla Bean Rhubarb-Ginger Scones It's that time of year for rhubarb! Ginger and vanilla really add to the flavor

Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread This is a really interesting way to spice up your banana bread, plus it looks beautiful!


Twisted Cheese and Scallion Bread This is a similar technique to making babka - with rolling, cutting and twisting. It's a great way to get your filling completely spread out

Lion House Rolls These soft buttery rolls have an interesting shape since they're individually rolled


Caramelized Onion and Thyme Risotto I love risotto, and this flavor combination is dynamite

French Onion Pizza Another great way to use caramelized onions - this is basically french onion soup, but in pizza form

One Pot Thai Shrimp Pasta This is a really cool Thai version of the infamous one-pot pasta that's been making the rounds lately.

Easy Ginger Lime Roasted Shrimp I make roasted shrimp all the time, and usually keep it pretty simple with salt, pepper and garlic. This is a great (and simple) way to add some great new flavor.

Goat Cheese and Brussels Sprout Skillet Pizza I think this recipe is summed up by one sentence in the blog post "Because everything is better with goat cheese."


Baked Portabello Fries with Sriracha Mayo This is a new version of a baked veggie that's almost like a fry!


Chocolate Eclairs This makes 6 mini eclairs, which means you can eat all of them!

Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Deliciously creamy cheesecake that is topped with cinnamon sugar, just like the cookie!

Spiked Raspberry-Lemonade Cupcakes These actually use freeze-dried raspberries to make the beautifully pink frosting. Plus, who doesn't love boozy cupcakes?

Dark Chocolate Coffee Macarons Coffee really brings out the flavor of chocolate, and these macarons are gorgeous

Big Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Crinkle Cookies This is basically a peanut butter version of the typical chewy molasses cookie, sounds awesome

Carrot Cake Cheesecake Absolutely beautiful, and I'm sure it tastes amazing. I love cream cheese frosting with carrot cake, this is an even better way of doing it.

Loaded Soft and Chewy M&M Cookie Pie This is like a cookie cake that's made in a pie dish - you can  include your toppings of choice.

Mixed Berry Buttermilk Cake This is a great way to make a berry cake even when fresh berries aren't available.

Homemade Monkey Bread with Caramel Sauce This can be made in advance and refrigerated, which makes it so convenient.

Chocolate Flourless Cake Just a few ingredients makes these cakes luscious, and surprisingly, almond butter is one of the ingredients


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