Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cardio + Strength Workout

I'm finally back in my workout routine! I managed to get in both running and a strength workouts last night, and while my back felt pretty sore last night, it's feeling great today. I'm doubling up on workouts this week, so I can get everything done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll be pretty tired those nights, but it'll give me some real time off in between.

I was scheduled to run 4 miles, and decided to split it up - 2 miles before lifting, and 2 miles after. The 2 miles after actually felt a lot better than the first 2 miles, probably primarily since I ate way too close to when the workout started.

I think that going back and forth between the cardio and the lifting is a great way to get in a double workout, and it also keeps your heart rate up the entire time.

I used 10lb weights for almost everything - the gym I was at didn't have 12.5lb weights, and I didn't want to re-injure myself by using the 15lb weights. I used 5lb weights for the front/lateral raises and windmills, and a 15lb weight for the Russian Twists.