Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Monday, December 16, 2013

10 Miler Training: 7 mile group run

I did my first group run, as part of the Charlottesville 10 Miler Training Program! I got myself really anxious about the run - I was nervous about the weather (it snowed before and after the run, but not during), being able to run 7 miles (the last big runs I did were 6 miles on Thanksgiving and 8 miles at the beginning of November), and running with other people. It ended up being totally fine. I went around the same pace that I would have done myself, so I wasn't pushed too fast or slowed down. It was nice having something scheduled, and it forced me to just get it over with. It also held me accountable, since I knew that if I stopped to walk, the people around me would see, and it would take me forever to get back to the track where we met to start. Next week is only a 5 mile run, which I'm much more comfortable with.

The really cool part, was that Joey let me borrow the Garmin Forerunner 210 watch I just got him for Hanukkah. It gives you so much information about your run! I got him the watch that has a heart rate monitor, so you have that data as well. You can see your heart rate plotted out over time or miles, so you can see how that is affected by hills or your pace. The really nice thing is that you can upload your files and view everything online, and that those files are compatible with running programs like Runkeeper. I just uploaded the file to runkeeper.com and it filled in all of the information. The only weird thing was that my average pace was slightly different, but that's okay.

Here's all of the information you get from your run. First, you get a summary of your run. You get some overall details about your timing, elevation, and heart rate, the graphs of which are shown on the right. I think it's interesting that you have multiple times listed. I'm assuming the time versus moving time, is when I had slowed down to a stop before pressing pause on the watch. I'm also assuming that elapsed time includes the time when I had the watch paused, so I can see how long I was stopped at lights, etc.


You get a really nice map, much cleaner than the maps I get using Runkeeper. You can see the loops I made around the track before we got out on the road. You can also tell when I crossed the street. On the right, you can see that it gives you the weather forecast during the run. That part is really nice when you want to compare runs, and see if there are reasons why you didn't do as well. 


You know I love getting information about my splits. Well this was like hitting the jackpot! Joey already set it so each lap was 1/2 mile, which is what I've been using as well for my splits. The information that was cut off on the right side is just about my heart rate.

This is what Runkeeper told me after I uploaded the Gpx file:
You can see that the distance, duration and average pace are all just slightly different, but definitely close enough for me. I would say that my average pace was somewhere between the 10:03 and 10:08 that the Garmin gave me.

Overall, this was pretty darn cool. Maybe Joey will let me use it again :) Or I'll have to buy myself one! The heart rate monitor I was thinking about getting is $70 - it's the polar bluetooth equipped one, that does not come with a watch. You use apps on your phone to sync with it. For $170, I got Joey both the gps watch and the heart rate monitor. Since I'm much more interested in information about my running than my heart rate, it might make sense to get the watch. I'll have to keep thinking about it. Since I bought it for Joey a week ago, the price went up $35.

Also, I successfully completed my first week of 10 Miler Training!

Week 1:
Tuesday: 4 miles (treadmill)
Thursday: 4 miles (outside)
Saturday: 7 miles (outside)
Weekly Total: 15 miles

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Cardio in the past week (plus a little bit of lifting)

I just posted two kettle bell workouts that I did over the past week+, now it's time to talk about the rest of the workouts. I figured I would just group them all in here.

The KB workout last Monday really wrecked me the next few days, so I didn't do anything the following Tuesday or Wednesday. By Thursday (12/5), I knew I really needed to go on a run, but I also wanted to get a strength workout in before going away for the weekend. I re-used a workout from a few months ago, that I'm calling my Cardio+Strength workout. The only thing I did differently, was that I wimped out for the strength section and only went once through the three sets. I was wiped by the time I finished up! I've included the link here if you want to check it out. It's basically 2 miles on the treadmill (or the equivalent on a bike or elliptical machine), some strength circuits, and then 2 more miles on the treadmill. I believe I did the first 2 miles at 5.7mph (total of 21:02, or 10:31/mile), then for the second 2 miles I did 1 mile at 5.7mph, 0.5 miles at 5.8mph, 0.25 miles at 5.9mph, and the last quarter mile at 6.0mph. That was a total of ~20:45, or 10:23/mile.

This past weekend, we stayed in a cabin near Stanley, Virginia, near Shenandoah. We've stayed at a similar cabin a few times before, part of the Cozy Cove Cottages. We usually stay in the Hidden Acres cottage, but it wasn't available this time so we stayed at River View. This cabin was a lot smaller, and the cleaning staff forgot to leave us toilet paper! It was a bit cramped, since there were 6 of us, and just two small bedrooms and one main room. Joey and I got stuck without a bedroom the first night, which was okay in the sense that we were fine sleeping out in the main room, but it meant we got woken up at 7 when people decided to start coming out of their rooms, plus we didn't have a room to use for naps later in the day. The second night we got a room though, which was nice. The cabin had a hot tub, which was probably its redeeming feature.

We got there Friday night, and Joey immediately started getting food going for fajitas. We roasted onions, peppers and mushrooms, and served them with mole sauce, salsa and cotija cheese. This was my first time trying cotija cheese and I really liked it! The weather was pretty nasty, so nobody wanted to venture out into the hot tub quite yet. We stayed up for a bit, and then went to bed, and slept in Saturday morning. Once we were up, Joey got a big batch of pancakes going. We used Alton Brown's "Instant Pancakes" recipe, and I thought they were really good. We still have half of the dry mix left, so I'll put a post about them the next time we make them (I didn't take any pictures while at the cabin). Joey also made a ton of scrambled eggs, the first people to wake up got coffee brewing, and someone else took care of bacon. We had quite a feast.

Later that day, we went on a hike nearby, on a trail called Bird Knob. Some in our group were a little nervous about the 8 mile hike, so we took two cars. In the end, we were worried that it would get dark or start snowing before we finished, so after we got to the two vistas about 1.5 miles in, we turned around and went back. The views were amazing, so I'm really glad we did that hike. It was basically straight up to get to them, an elevation gain of close to 1200 feet. I managed to mostly keep up with the boys on our trek up, but the hike back down was more difficult. I'm always nervous going downhill, and the wet leaves covering the trail made me even more so. However, I managed to get all the way back without relying on Joey for assistance, and without falling or twisting my ankle. I call that a success!

Our original plan had been to do the hike Strickler Knob, but considering the rain in the past few days, plus the general apprehension by some in our group, we went with the easier hike, and I'm really glad we did. Joey and I still really want to try it out, so hopefully once the weather is a bit nicer, we'll check it out. It seems similar to the somewhat famous hike Old Rag, but since it's not as well known, it won't be nearly as crowded.

Saturday night we grilled steaks (tuna steak for me), had potatoes, and enjoyed the hot tub. It took me a while to warm up from the hike - it was so cold out! Thank goodness I brought all of my running cold gear, since that helped out. Sunday morning we woke up to the start of snow, and got on the road as soon as we could. We only had about an hour to drive, but everyone else had to get back to Pennsylvania.

This was my first week of Joey's training plan. I'm starting out with 4 weeks of just trying to increase my weekly mileage. I'm also going to be doing my first group run this weekend.

On Tuesday (12/10) I ran 4 miles on the treadmill. Kind of boring, but I tried to mix it up a bit at the end. I did 3 miles at 5.7mph, 0.5 miles at 5.8mph, 0.25 miles at 5.9mph, and 0.25 miles at 6.0mph. Then I walked for a few minutes to cool down. I did the 4 miles in 41:45, which is an average pace of 10:27/mile.

On Wednesday (12/11) I did KB, as mentioned in my previous post.

On Thursday (12/12) I did another 4 mile run, but outside this time. This was my first run outside since the run I did with Joey on Thanksgiving day, which seems crazy. I've done a few indoor runs, just nothing outside. It's harder to manage to do runs outside now, since it gets dark so early, and I hate running in the dark. I might look into a clip-on light, since that would make it easier for cars/bikes to see me, and for me to see my surroundings. I really wasn't feeling well before I started the run, so I decided I wasn't going to push the pace. However, once I realized 2 miles in that my pace was pretty good, I decided I wanted to keep that up. The second two miles were a lot more difficult because of that, especially since that's where the hills were. I got back feeling better than I did before I started, but then started feeling sick again. I'm glad I got the run in when I did.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)
0.50: 5:03 (10:06)
1.00: 10:01 (10:01, 9:56) last mile in 10:01
1.50: 15:04 (10:03, 10:06)
2.00: 20:05 (10:03, 10:02) last mile in 10:04
2.50: 25:20 (10:08, 10:30)
3.00: 30:23 (10:08, 10:06) last mile in 10:18
3.50: 35:27 (10:08, 10:08)
4.00: 40:15 (10:04, 9:36) last mile in 9:52
Total: 4.08 in 41:00 - 10:03/mile

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two Kettle Bell Workouts

I'm super behind on posts, so I'm going to do a two in one post about the last two kettle bell workouts I did. One was last Monday (12/2) and one was last night (12/11). Both of them were pretty killer. The one last week was particularly hard because I was just starting up again after taking 3 weeks off from strength workouts. Last night's was really hard because I did it with Joey, and he somehow gets me to do more than I planned, without pressuring me at all.

12/2 KB Workout:
I brought out both 20lb and 25lb KBs, since I wasn't sure what I would be able to handle. I actually managed to do almost everything with the 25lb KB, and only used the 20 for Clean & Press and American Swings. I was very sore after, all the way through to Thursday!

12/11 KB Workout:
Again, I brought out a 20lb KB and a 25lb KB. I know that certain exercises are too difficult with the 25lb weight, especially toward the end of a workout when my arms are tired. I used the 20lb weight for crunch and press, chest press, and the last time through for the clean and press. I had to run back inside the gym to get a lighter weight for the get ups and windmills. I actually got a giant bruise from the clean and presses! For some reason, I don't bruise much when I smack into something hard, but I do when I have repeated contact with something. Last summer, when going to water plants at Joey's old house, I kept walking into his side view mirror. After a week or two, I had a deep purple bruise on my hip, even though it never really hurt each individual time I walked into it. Last night, I kept hitting my right bicep, while the weight was in the rack position, and before I was even finished with the workout, it was already turning colors.
Also, like I mentioned above, Joey gets me to work harder just by working hard himself. I had planned on going through the first set 3 times, and then he started on a 4th set. I was like well I can't just sit here while he works, so I did a 4th time through as well. I hadn't really planned on doing tabatas, but was roped into that. And lastly, once I held his feet down for his 2 minute sit-up challenge (I'm not quite heavy enough to hold him down, so I had to hold a medicine ball plus really push down with my legs - ouch that hurt my calves and hamstrings), I decided I wanted a go as well. I got 54, which I think is my personal best.

After we were done with the workout, we came home to shower and eat, and then went over to a friend's place. We were celebrating her successful PhD defense on Monday! Yay Kerstin! It was really nice seeing friends, and we ended up celebrating an engagement as well!

One side note - I can track which posts are being viewed, and where the viewer came across the site. Usually, people enter the site through Pinterest. Sometimes, google searches lead someone to my site. A lot of the searches are pretty generic, but I've seen a few funny ones in the past few weeks.
Here are a couple of my favorites:
"Tabata eating"
"8k training for fat people"

I'm not sure if someone was looking for a tabata-style eating competition, or if they wanted to know what foods would be okay to eat while doing a tabata workout, and how you should time eating before/after. I kind of hope it was the first one, since that's more entertaining. Although I don't think my blog would have helped them with that.

As for the second, I think that wasn't the best way to search. There are plenty of "fit but fat" people as well as "skinny fat" people. For "fit but fat," this is someone who by standard measures would be considered overweight, but is in great shape. They may just have a large frame with a lot of muscle, or they might carry some extra weight in their midsection while still having strong arms, legs and a solid core. For "skinny fat," this is someone who is very thin, but has no muscle mass. They may even look strong, since a lack of body fat will put any muscle closer to the surface. But in this case, they don't have any functional muscles. So while it was a funny grouping of search terms, I hope that nobody thinks that just because they are "fat," that they can't do a basic 8k training plan. If I can start from nothing and get to the point where I can run 7 and 8 miles, then so can you! Whether you are "skinny fat," "fit fat," or anywhere between, you can do anything I put on this blog, as long as you try!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Basic Treadmill Run - 3 Miles

After doing my 6 mile run on Thanksgiving day, I wanted to do another run over the weekend. Joey and I were both just way too tired to deal with anything on Saturday, so we promised we would do a run on Sunday. I decided to keep it simple, and just do 3 miles on the treadmill at the Madhouse gym. I got to try out my new shoes - Brooks Adrenaline! It took my feet a bit to get used to the different arch in those shoes, compared to the Asics GT-2000, so my right foot and right knee hurt for the first half of the run. I kept it super simple, and just did the 3 miles nice and slow, as shown below.

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Thanksgiving Day Run - 6 Miles in Charlottesville

After a successful "Turkey Trot" last Thanksgiving, I originally told Joey I wanted to do another race this year on Thanksgiving day. It's nice having a good run in the morning, to really make you feel like you've earned a giant dinner. The only race nearby was a 5k, and Joey wasn't really interested in doing it. We both realized that we would rather run more than just the 3.1 miles, Joey especially. We decided to go on a run together instead. We did 6 miles together, and then Joey continued on for an additional 6 miles! Our 6 miles together were very similar to the last run I did, the first 4 miles were exactly the same. This time, Joey told me that he would run slightly ahead of me for the hills, and I just needed to chase him. Surprisingly, that made it a lot easier to get through the hills. It didn't hurt that I got to stare at his butt bouncing in his bright red shorts :)

I didn't have my phone with me, so I didn't have Runkeeper tracking my run. Joey had his watch, and said we did the 6.02 miles in 59:15 - an average pace of 9:50/mile. Definitely faster than the last time I ran that route. The run felt pretty great, and I definitely picked up the pace in the last 1.5 miles. I explained to Joey how once I get to the point where I'm 1-1.5 miles away from home, I just get this sense of urgency to be DONE. I also am confident at that point that I can finish the run, so that's when I pick up the pace.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Race: 5 mile run

After my 8k race, I took a week off from running. Actually, I took a week off from doing anything active. My legs were very very sore, especially from the steep downhill at the end of the race. My right knee was hurting a lot, and so was my left calf. I started feeling better by the end of the week, and planned a run for Saturday morning, exactly one week after the race.

I did the same route that I had done recently, the one run I did in the dark. This time, I was running while it was light out, and runkeeper didn't malfunction. I had planned it so I could either stop at the 5 mile point, or keep running past that point for either a total of 5.5, 6.1 or 6.9 miles, depending on the last leg of the route. I was thinking that since I had taken off a whole week, my legs would feel really refreshed, and I could do 7 miles no problem. I started off pretty fast, but then faded once I hit a hill at just over 2 miles, and never really recovered. Once I got to the 5 mile point, I stopped running and walked the remaining 1/2 mile back.

Even though I didn't run quite as far (or as fast) as I would have liked, I'm glad I got out there and did it. It did help loosen me up a lot.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)
0.50 4:52 (9:44)
1.00 9:49 (9:49, 9:54) last mile in 9:49
1.50 14:49 (9:53, 10:00)
2.00 19:39 (9:50, 9:40) last mile in 9:50
2.50 24:54 (9:58, 10:30)
3.01 30:20 (10:05, 10:39) last mile in 10:33
3.50 35:22 (10:06, 10:16)
4.00 40:38 (10:09, 10:32) last mile in 10:26
4.50 45:56 (10:12, 10:36)
5.01 50:44 (10:08, 9:28) last mile in 9:58

Recap of 8k Race

After all of my training, I ran my 8k race! Of course, the race was over two weeks ago, and I've since recovered. Now I will finally tell you all about it.

The race was in Richmond, about an hour from Charlottesville, and we had to pick up our packets the night before. We got a cheap hotel to stay in, that was right near the packet pickup, and only 2 miles from the start line of the race. I made sure we were all prepped on Thursday, since the plan was to leave on Friday as early as we could. We usually have a late dinner, but considering how early we would have to wake up Saturday morning, we wanted to eat early and go to bed early. We checked into the hotel, picked up our race stuff at the expo next door, and then went to Olive Garden for dinner. I hadn't been to an Olive Garden in years! This was the perfect time to have endless breadsticks :)

I was super prepared for the race, and when we got back from dinner, I set out all of my options. I basically had two of everything! Two pairs of pants, two sports bras, two pairs of running underwear, two pairs of socks, two under shirts, just the one long sleeve running shirt (plus the one I got at the expo), sweats for after the race, and lots of hair bands and headbands.

I figured in the morning I would decide what I wanted to be wearing. I kept checking the weather, over and over. Originally there was a 20% chance of rain in the morning, but it looked like a storm was supposed to hit that night. I kept checking the hourly forecast, to see if the rain would be over by the race. Things looked promising, but Joey brought one of the trash can liners with us, in case I needed to protect my phone. I use an armband when running, but it doesn't completely cover the phone, and I was afraid that water would get in if it started to rain. When we got up in the morning, everything looked clear, and the forecast was saying cloudy, but we brought it just in case.

My race was starting at 7, and Joey's was starting at 7:30, just one block away from mine, so he helped me prep. We were standing under cover, and it wasn't until we started walking around to find the bag drop off, that we realized it was raining. Then it started pouring. We quickly got back under cover, and wrapped the plastic bag around my armband. Thank goodness we brought it. I felt really bad for Joey, since he was getting soaked as well, and still had a bit until his race. He left me at the start, and I was stuck there, with the rain pouring down on me. I was drenched, cold and miserable. At this point, I really didn't want to be running. I had gloves on, and was trying to coordinate everything so once the race started, I could pull back my left glove to start my heart rate monitor, and then pull back my right glove so I could start runkeeper on my phone (my gloves don't have special pads for touch screens). I was so discombobulated at the beginning, that I wasn't able to get the heart rate monitor started. I almost didn't get runkeeper going, but somehow that did end up starting okay. I think I just started it a bit too early, while we were all shuffling toward the start.

Once I started running, I felt better. I was still soaked, with water streaming down my face, and my drenched clothes hanging off my body. But the book I was listening to on my phone really helped me zone out, and I didn't have to do very much zigzagging around people. Somehow we all spread out pretty quickly. I was in the first wave, probably the only time that will ever happen, and I didn't have to run around very many people in the beginning. My plan was to do the first mile in 9:50, miles 2-4 around 9:30, and then the last mile as fast as I could. Based on some of my last runs, I know that I have a pretty good kick at the end. In terms of goals for finish times, I wanted to definitely finish under 48:30. The 5 mile run I did earlier that week was hilly, and I managed to do that in 48:34, so I would have been really angry if it took longer for me to complete the race. My next goal was under 47:00, then my final goal was under 45:00. With the plan above, if I did the last mile in 8:30 or less, I could finish in just under 47:00.

I ended up going just a bit faster in the first mile than I had planned, finishing it in 9:37. I held that pace pretty well, and finished the second mile in 9:35. Here, I decided to kick it up a little, and finished mile 3 in 9:09 and mile 4 in 8:41. At this point, I kept doing the math in my head every time I got an update through runkeeper, and realized that I could actually beat my goals. The end was all downhill, and I kicked it up to a spring at this point, doing the last half mile at a 7:20 pace. At this point it had stopped pouring, but the ground was so wet I was afraid I would trip while running downhill! I finished in a flash, and then went through the chute to pick up my medal and get some water.

I recovered a lot faster than I thought I would, and at first was disappointed in myself, thinking that if I had picked up the pace more in the beginning of the race, I could have gotten a time under 45 minutes. In the end, I was really proud! My official race time was 45:25 for the 8k course, and runkeeper clocked in at 45:40 (probably since I started it too early) for 5.08 miles. I never get the same distance, probably because I don't run it at efficiently as I could. My runkeeper time put me at an average pace of 8:59/mile, and my official time put me at an average pace of 9:08/mile. Either way, this was the fastest race besides my 5k in Disney, and definitely my fastest race over 3.1 miles.

After my race finished, I had 1.5 hours until Joey would be done. I walked over to the area where they were giving us back the bags we checked at the start, and changed into some dry clothes. I was a bit too modest to strip down completely, and didn't want to attempt the acrobatics involved in changing in the porta potty, so I didn't completely change out of my wet clothes. I took off my sopping wet long sleeve running shirt, but kept on my running tights and my tank top. I put a sweat shirt on top of my tank top. The rain kept coming and going, and I just walked around aimlessly, trying to pass the time. I ended up calling my sister, and she kept me occupied for a while :) I had originally planned on just sitting down somewhere and listening to music or a book on my phone, but that didn't seem like a good idea once everything was wet. I was still on the phone with my sister once I realized it was close to the time Joey was hoping to finish by, so I quickly got off the phone and went to the finish. His first half marathon time was 1:54:15, so his first goal was to beat that time. His next goal was to be under 1:50, and his final goal was to be under 1:45. As the clock started ticking closer and closer to 1:45, I kept my fingers crossed that Joey would finish soon. I knew that his wave started 2 minutes after the gun, so he technically had until around 1:47 to beat that time, but I wasn't sure how exact the 2 minute delay was. Imagine my surprise when I see him at just around 1:44, coming down the hill. He ended up finishing with a gun time of 1:44:43, and a chip time of 1:42:39!! He beat his last time by almost 12 minutes, which is just insane - that's almost 1 minute faster for his average pace. He was completely beat when he finished, so it took a few minutes to recover. After that, we just wanted to get out of there, so we grabbed some food and went back to the hotel for a hot shower.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last half mile)
0.51 4:54 (9:36)
1.00 9:37 (9:37, 9:38) last mile in 9:37
1.51 14:40 (9:43, 9:54)
2.00 19:12 (9:36, 9:15) last mile in 9:35
2.50 23:47 (9:31, 9:10)
3.00 28:21 (9:27, 9:08) last mile in 9:09
3.50 32:43 (9:21, 8:44)
4.00 37:02 (9:15, 8:38) last mile in 8:41
4.50 41:17 (9:10, 8:30)
5.00 45:07 (9:01, 7:40) last mile in 8:05
5.08 45:40 (8:59) 
last 0.08 at 6:53/mile
last 0.25 at 7:12/mile
last 0.50 at 7:20/mile

Now that I finished this race, I'm ready for my next! I signed up for the Charlottesville 10 Miler Training Program, and the race is on March 29th. I haven't gone to any of the group runs yet, but hopefully I'll go to one this month. Joey made me a color coded training plan for the race! He told me for the few weeks following the race to just run whenever I felt like it. Starting next week, he put together a 4 week plan to help get my miles up, so I'll be ready for the training plan. Starting the second week of January, I'll be following his 10 miler training plan. He adapted it from the plan he used for his half marathon. I'll have to make my goals once I'm closer to the race, but my tentative race goals are under 1:45, under 1:40, and under 1:35.

Speaking of training plans, I should probably mention how my 8k training plan went. Below, I have my 8k training plan, and I have checked off the workouts that I did complete. Not all of them were done exactly in that order, but those are the ones I definitely did. You can see that I did 27 of the 41 runs prior to the race, which I'm pretty happy with. I ran more than 125 miles in the 11 weeks of training.