Friday, November 22, 2013

Workouts from the last few weeks

So, it may seem like I haven't worked out in forever. In the past week, that is true. However, I did a whole bunch the weeks before that, that I've just been too lazy to post.
(Note - I also haven't posted any of the great food I've made lately, and I promise, it's coming soon!)

I don't feel like putting up a million separate posts, so I'm putting all of the workout posts in one.

If you recall, I left off with the 8 mile run I did on Sunday Nov 3rd. If you did remember, well great, I just wanted a chance to say it again that I ran 8 miles :)

On Monday Nov 4th, I did a strength workout at home. We thought we were going to be rushed - a friend turned 21 that day, and we were supposed to meet at a bar downtown to celebrate at 8. It turned out that the person who was in charge didn't bother to let anyone outside of their small group of friends know where it was going to be held, so we were left waiting in limbo all night. Very much a pain, because I actually put the effort in to put on some makeup! It also turned out that we didn't need to be rushed, at all. I still got a pretty decent workout in.

On Tuesday Nov 5th, I did a treadmill speed interval workout. Since I adjusted a 16 week training plan to fit my schedule for the 5 mile race, I just moved up the last two weeks of the plan to coincide with the race date. I didn't think about the fact that I was skipping many speed interval workouts, and just went straight to this one. Big mistake. I wasn't able to do the workout I have below in its entirety, which is why I have the "lazy girl" version next to that. I still ran 5.5 miles total, can't really complain much about that.

On Wednesday Nov 6th, I did KB with Joey. I think this is going to be a regular thing, doing a KB workout together. He definitely pushes me to work harder than I would by myself, or with one of the girls who I have taught.

On Thursday Nov 7th, I ran outside. Here, I ran into some problems. First, the most minor problem, one of my earbuds wasn't working. Definitely not that big of a deal, but it just made it a little harder to hear the book I was listening to. Second, the most major problem, this was the first time I was running after work, since we turned the clocks back. It was DARK. I didn't think about that while planning the route, and ended up being slightly freaked out during parts of it. A long stretch is down a slightly deserted road, one that gets a decent amount of car traffic, but gets very little pedestrian traffic. The sidewalk just disappeared at one point, and what sidewalk was there was difficult to see under the leaves. I also wasn't wearing any reflective gear, so I was nervous being in the bike lane. Twice, I passed a single person walking toward me, and I was so nervous about being by myself in the dark, that I almost thought they were coming straight at me. I really don't know what I thought they were going to do - knife me?? Sometimes my imagination is a little over dramatic. Then, to make matters worse, I realized that I hadn't heard any updates from Runkeeper in a while. I looked down and saw that it was reading 1.41 miles. I thought that didn't seem right, and looked back down a few seconds later. Still said 1.41 miles. Apparently when I had paused it at a light, even though I did press resume, it had stayed paused. I have no idea what my stats were from the ~0.75 miles it was paused. The whole thing was just incredibly slow, so I guess it doesn't even matter.
You can see in the map above, where the red line doesn't continue. I did about 5.5 miles, not just the 4.77, but I don't know exactly how long it took me to complete, maybe about 57:30.

I was supposed to do a 5 mile run the weekend of Nov 9-10, but ended up not feeling up to it. I did it instead, on Tuesday Nov 12th. I had an appointment in the early afternoon, so I decided to come home early to do the run before it. I really disliked running in the dark, and wanted to avoid that as much as possible. It was COLD! I tried out my new long sleeve running top, and a new pair of long running pants. I loved the shirt, didn't like the pants. The shirt was great, it was lightweight, so I wore it over a tank top. It has thumb holes, which helped keep it further down my hands. The pants were just too big in the waist, and there wasn't a drawstring to tighten them. The run itself went pretty well though, I stayed pretty consistent throughout, and finished in 48:34.
Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)

0.50 5:14 (10:28)
1.00 9:48 (9:48, 9:08) last mile in 9:48
1.50 14:48 (9:52, 10:00)
2.00 19:38 (9:49, 9:40) last mile in 9:50
2.50 24:32 (9:49, 9:48)
3.00 29:17 (9:46, 9:30) last mile in 9:39
3.51 34:05 (9:43, 9:25)
4.00 39:02 (9:45, 10:06) last mile in 9:45
4.50 43:49 (9:44, 9:34)
5.00 48:34 (9:43, 9:30) last mile in 9:32

On Thursday Nov 14th, I did the last run before my 8k race. I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill, followed by walking for 1/4 mile. I wasn't attempting to do anything fast, I just wanted to get in a few more miles, and stretch out my legs a bit.