Friday, January 24, 2014

10 Miler Training: Week 3 (and the time I ran almost 8 miles while I had a stomach bug)

Week 3 (12/23-12/29) of training was an interesting week. I was off to a good start, starting off on Monday 12/23. I did 3 miles outside, and then went into the gym to lift some weights. I felt great during the run, and kept up a good pace.

0.50 - 4:48 (9:36)
1.00 - 9:33 (9:33, 9:30) last mile in 9:33
1.50 - 14:31 (9:41, 9:56)
2.00 - 19:21 (9:41, 9:40) last mile in 9:48
2.50 - 24:11 (9:40, 9:40)
3.01 - 28:43 (9:32, 8:53) last mile in 9:16

On Thursday 12/24, I tried out my new stability ball! I did a 10-2 ladder with 8 exercises. I lost the sheet of paper where I had them listed...whoops. I foresee using the stability ball a lot in the future, so I'm sure I'll post exercises soon.

On Wednesday 12/25, I did another run with Joey. We did the same thing we did on Thanksgiving, and ran 6 miles together, then he ran 6 miles by himself. It was SO COLD!! Joey was wearing the Garmin, and recorded each set of 6 miles separately, so I could analyze our run together. It was a pretty hilly route, so I'm surprised we did under 10 min pace (just barely).


On Thursday 12/26, I did an easy recovery run on the treadmill. I did 3 miles in 30:47, with an average pace of 10:16 min/mile.

On Saturday, I was planning on doing a group run of 8 miles. Those plans went out the window when I got sick Friday night. It was a very strange night. We had plans to get massages - we got vouchers on Living Social for a place here in town. I came home from work early and ate some yogurt+fruit+granola, and then immediately started feeling sick. I somehow held it together during the massage, but then I was sick for hours once I got home. I spent most of Saturday just trying to recover. Sunday, I ate a late breakfast, and then decided I was feeling up to going on a run. My stomach was still feeling a bit iffy, but I thought that was just normal digestive problems. I planned an 8 mile run, and got going around 3:30. I felt good for the first 2 miles. After that, everything went downhill. I started having some pretty severe stomach pains, and to be honest, had a few times where I seriously almost pooped my pants. I don't even know how I made it home. I had to stop the watch a few times, but in the end, my pace wasn't even that slow for being in such discomfort. I didn't manage a full 8 miles, but decided I was close enough! From Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning, my stomach was just in agony. I just tried to relax on the couch/my bed and make myself as comfortable as I could. Tuesday night (New Year's Eve) we stayed in and just watched tv, and then toasted with Martinelli's at midnight.


Week 3:
Monday: 3.01 miles (outside)
Wednesday: 6.01 miles (outside)
Thursday: 3 miles (treadmill)
Sunday: 7.64 miles (outside)
Weekly Total: 19.66 miles

Oh and in other news, my little sister got engaged on New Year's Eve!! I knew it was going to happen soon, but didn't even think that it would happen that night! She's only 3 years younger than me, but I've just thought of her as being my baby sister - it's so strange that she's going to be married soon. It's weird enough that she has a real job in Philadelphia and lives in a house, while I'm still in grad school, renting an apartment. Anyway, congratulations Alexandra!!