Saturday, April 20, 2013

Running for Boston, Part 2

I had a fantastic run this morning! I have officially decided that Riverview Park is my favorite place to run. It's almost perfectly flat (teeny tiny hills of 10 ft or so), it's right along the river, and part of it is shaded. It's a paved path, and it's really nice being outside and seeing other people out there - running, walking, out with their kids or their dogs.

Since all I've run since the 10k is 2 miles, I wasn't sure how today's run would go. I was originally going to run with one of Joey's frisbee girls, but the timing didn't work out. I think that for a run like this, I actually prefer going by myself. I can just zone out with my music, go the pace I want, plus save some energy from not having to keep up a conversation with someone. I don't know if that makes me an anti-social runner...

At the 10k, I averaged just under a 10 minute/mile pace. Of course it was a bit faster than that, if I counted all of my weaving around people. I was hoping to just go at a nice pace today, and to complete the 4 miles. I got to the parking lot a little before 10, and there were a TON of people there! I found out later that they were doing a 5k to support Boston. I wish I had known about it in advance - I would have done it! I didn't take the time to figure this out when I got there, since I just wanted to get my run started. I have runkeeper set to inform me of my average pace every half mile, so I was pleased (and a bit surprised) when I got the first notification after 4:30 minutes. I didn't think I could keep it up, but at every split, the pace basically stayed the same. When I got to the 2 mile mark (where I turn around and head back), I figured I should slow it down. I tried, but I guess it didn't really make much of a difference!

Here's the link for my run:

Here's the breakdown of my pace:
1/2 mile: 4:30 min, average pace: 9:00
1 mile: 9:12 min, average pace: 9:12, pace over last 1/2 mile: 9:24
1 1/2 miles: 13:46 min, average pace: 9:11, pace over last 1/2 mile: 9:08
2 miles: 18:11 min, average pace: 9:05, pace over last 1/2 mile: 8:50
2 1/2 miles: 22:48 min, average pace: 9:07, pace over last 1/2 mile: 9:14
3 miles: 27:20 min, average pace: 9:07, pace over last 1/2 mile: 9:04
3 1/2 miles: 31:53 min, 9:07, pace over last 1/2 mile: 9:06
4 miles: 36:24 min, 9:06 pace, pace over last 1/2 mile: 9:02

And here's a breakdown of my mile by mile pace:
1 mile: 9:12, average pace 9:12
2 miles: 18:11, average pace 9:05, pace over last mile: 8:59
3 miles: 27:20, average pace 9:07, pace over last mile: 9:09
4 miles: 36:24, average pace 9:06, pace over last mile: 9:04

Calories burned: 459

Update of my miles for Boston: 6.0/26.2

Oh and I got to the 5k point at 28:22, which made me feel really good about the 5k I'm doing next weekend! Although that one will definitely be more hilly than the run I just did.