Friday, April 26, 2013

Workout: April 24, 2013

Time for another Wednesday workout! Joey and I planned on going into the hot tub and pool for a bit, so I tried to make a shorter workout. I also didn't want to completely destroy any of my muscles, so I would be okay for my run on Thursday, as well as the race on Saturday!

Assisted pullups:
90lb assistance: 10, 8, 5
Burnout pullups:
100lb: 10, 110lbs: 10, 10

10-2 Ladder:
Full burpee
Russian Twist with 10lb medicine ball (I did twice as many for this one, per side - ex 20 per side, then 16, etc)
Stability ball squats using 55cm stability ball
Inbred cousin with 10lb medicine ball
Hamstring curls with 55cm stability ball
Lunge with twist with 10lb medicine ball - count is per leg

1 minute on, 30 second off
Pushup position row: twice through
Superman: once through

I was planning on going 2-3 times through the 1 minute on, 30 sec off exercises, but got a horrible foot cramp! It was one of the cramps where your toes start pulling and pointing in different directions. I decided to just give up at that point since I was basically done.

Then Joey helped me do some of the exercises that will help me do a pullup faster.

Seated row (with a narrow grip, but one that is slightly wider than the usual machine I use):
Static position (no moving legs or back, just arms) - 2x15 at 70lbs, 1x15 at 60lbs

Iso-Lat pulldown - 45lb weight on each side - 2x12 with both arms in unison, 1x12 separately - per arm

After I finished my workout, we both changed into our suits. We first went into the main pool, so I could practice putting my head underwater. This is really sad, but I haven't done anything even close to real swimming since I was about 10 years old. This includes swimming around with my face underwater. I used to get bad nosebleeds every summer when I would go to the pool, so I eventually just started to avoid it. With our cruise next week, we're planning on doing some swimming with turtles and snorkeling, in which case putting my face underwater is very necessary! It took a few tries, but it didn't go too horribly, plus no nosebleeds! Then we went in the hot tub and sauna for a bit - definitely helped relax me.

For dinner, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town - El Jaripeo. I got one of the vegetarian combo dishes - spinach quesadilla, spinach burrito, chalupa. Then some of Joey's frisbee girls came for a meeting, and we got margaritas :) Fun night