Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Miler Training: Week 9

This week was a(nother) tough week. Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to do any strength workouts. However, I did start stretching!

Tuesday, February 4th:
This is the first workout that I wasn't able to complete. My left calf has been hurting (all week), since I did 9 miles on Sunday. I hadn't really started stretching much prior to this run, so it was giving me some trouble.

What I was supposed to do:
1 mile warmup (5.7mph)
2x2.5 miles at goal pace (6.1mph) with 3 min rest
1/2-1 mile cool down (5.7mph)

What I actually did:
1 mile warmup (5.7mph)
3 min rest since the warmup already felt hard
2.5 miles at goal pace (6.1mph)
3+ min rest, where I tried to talk my legs into running some more
1.25 miles at goal pace (6.1mph)
At this point, I stopped. I was thinking that maybe if I split the second 2.5 miles into two sets, I could still finish out. Nope. My legs had enough. I didn't even manage the cool down. However, I did spend a good 10-15 minutes doing a bunch of stretches.

Just in case you are having problems keeping up with the long list of what I did and did not do - I did a total of 4.75 miles in roughly 47:25, or 9:59 min/mile.

Thursday, February 6th:
My stretching on Tuesday must have done something, since I was able to do this run without any problems. It was just an easy run - 5 miles at my easy 5.7mph pace. I bumped up the pace a bit for the last part, so I ended up doing the 5 miles in 52:14, average pace of 10:27/mile.

Saturday, February 7th:
I was a bit nervous about this run, not so much about the run itself, but about doing it in the cold (and potentially snow). The only run I had done outside in the past few weeks was on a beautiful day. I bundled up, and wore some of my new gear, and ended up being just fine. There were some snow flurries when I started out, which just meant I got to use the hood on my sweatshirt.

My plan was to do somewhere between 5 and 6 miles, and I ended up doing just about 5.6. I was happy with the pace that I kept, and felt pretty good when I got back home.


Sunday, February 8th:
Okay, this run I was definitely nervous for. My first time running 10 miles! I had finished the 9 mile run last week feeling like I had absolutely nothing left. The longest run before that was 8.32, and I also felt like I couldn't run another step.
I told Joey that I didn't want a run like last week. In other words, I would rather have ups and downs than a GIANT up. He managed to combine two 5-6 mile runs that I've done recently, so there wouldn't be too many turns to remember. It's tough trying to do a distance run - you either have to pick a loop that you do a couple times, or you have to make a bunch of turns.
The run itself went pretty well. I have a pretty nasty blister that's still left from vacation, and it made its presence known about 4 miles in. Besides that, I was okay for the most part. I stopped at 7.25 miles to eat a few pieces of GU, switch to a new piece of gum, and just rest for a minute. I definitely picked up the pace in the last half mile, which means either that I probably could have gone a little further this time, or I just wanted to be done!
The rest of the day, however, I started feeling some pain. My hips and knees are pretty sore, and still are the next day. I've tried stretching, and wearing some knee bands, and taking ibuprofen. I'm going to repeat all of that when I get home tonight, with some icing in addition. Hopefully they'll feel better for my next run on Tuesday...

Note - I think that the first half mile got messed up again. I know I was going slow, but not really much slower than the rest of the run. When I zoomed in on the map, you could see that the very first part of the run wasn't actually on a road, so I think the satellites had trouble finding me at first. Oh well!

Week Total:
Tuesday: 4.75 miles (treadmill)
Thursday: 5 miles (treadmill)
Saturday: 5.57 miles (outside)
Sunday: 10.01 miles (outside)
Weekly Total: 25.33 miles