Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly Finds - Fitness Edition


Lower Body Workout These four simple moves help lift, shape, and define every muscle below your waist while also challenging your core.

10-Minute TV Tone-Up No excuses, the workout you can do while watching tv!

Full Body Circuit Workout Combine cardio with strength-training in this 10-exercise workout

22 Kick-Ass Kettle Bell Exercises Kettle bells are great for cardio, strength, and flexibility training.

6 Ways to Tone Your Butt with Dumbbells Exercises that target your backside not only add shape and lift in your jeans and leggings, but they can also make you a stronger, faster runner. 

30 Minute Elliptical Workout The perfect workout for when you get to the gym, and all of the treadmills are taken. This one feels like running!

Total-Body Stair Workout All you need is a set of stairs - inside or outside.

5-Minute Leg Workout 5 moves that require no equipment

5-Minute Back Workout Take your posture from poor to perfect with this quick back workout

The All-Abs Workout 9 exercises to work every part of your core

Best Arm Exercises for Women 8 exercises to really tone your arms

Head-to-Toe Strength-Training Routine This 8-exercise routine requires dumbbells, a bench (or chair), a stability ball and a block

10 Fitness Gifts Under $10 I want Mr. Tea, the yoga cookie cutter, and the strobe light! Oh and the headbands and Burt's Bees as well :)

5 Barre Moves You Can Do At Home Barre studios are really popular right now, but expensive too. Here are a few moves you can try yourself at home

2-Week Plank Challenge Build your way to a 5-minute plank

Hero Abs Workout "Even if you lack superpowers, you can still build a core of a hero with this workout"

Spartan Full Body Circuit Train like a warrior

Grimm Reaper Full Body Circuit Called the grimm reaper since it's a killer workout!

The Commercial Break Workout This is pure genius - now you have no excuse to sit on your butt and not exercise. You can exercise during commercial breaks while watching tv!

The Santa Claus Workout Spartacus-style workout, with 12 stations.

12 Minute HIIT Workout You can do all of these at home, no equipment needed!

Core Circuit Workout 9 exercises to sculpt your abs!

Pyramid of Pain Full body workout with a big focus on your legs

No Equipment Circuit Workout With this bodyweight workout, you can tone your entire body anywhere

Fire Up Your Core Circuit Workout I tried this core circuit workout, and my abs were sore for days!

Melt Fat, Build Muscle Dumbbell Blast Circuit Workout This workout is really great - I've tried it out myself. It's deceptively hard!

Best Recovery Stretches I'm definitely guilty of not stretching after a hard workout. Here are some of the best stretches, all in one place


Yoga Sequence to do Your Tight Pants Justice The perfect 14-pose yoga sequence for strong legs

Thigh-Slimming Yoga Sequence Sculpt and lengthen your thighs and tush with this 12-posture standing sequence

Inner Thigh Yoga Sequence for Beginners If your inner thighs could use some attention, here are nine yoga poses that'll fire up this area. 

Best Yoga Poses for Office Workers Shake off the tightness and stress of the day by stepping onto a yoga mat, and doing this relaxing yoga sequence to target all those oh-so-tight areas.

A 20-Minute Yoga Sequence for a Tighter Backside Looking to tone up your backside? Move through this 20-minute yoga sequence that kicks things off with a little cardio before a series of poses designed to tone and lift your bottom.

Burning Squats Yoga Sequence This will seriously tone (and set on fire) your lower body

Thigh-Strengthening Yoga Sequence This quick sequence will bring on the burn

Basic Yoga Sequence This full-body flowing sequence will open and strengthen all of your major muscles

Relaxing Seated Yoga Sequence Relax and stretch your whole body out with this low-key, restorative yoga sequence that will leave you feeling calm yet energized

Flat Belly Yoga Sequence This yoga workout is designed to target the abs

Yoga Sequence for Tight Shoulders Open up tight shoulders with a quick yoga sequence

Yoga for Runner's Legs This yoga sequence is designed to strengthen the quads, hamstrings, and glutes for hill climbs and speed work, as well as increase hip and hamstring flexibility to prevent injury and pain


Fat Blasting Interval Treadmill Workout This workout has three different versions, and you can choose which one fits your fitness level and goals

Metabolism-Boosting Treadmill Run This interval workout will push your endurance and raise your heart rate

Ultimate Interval Mashup Kicking your cardio up a notch and adding different types of intervals to your run, like in this treadmill workout, will battle belly fat and increase your post-exercise calorie burn

Bursts Intervals Treadmill Workout Adding sprinting bursts to your treadmill workout helps you burn more calories, stokes your metabolism to burn more calories after your workout, and increases your speed as a runner