Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Race: 5 mile run

After my 8k race, I took a week off from running. Actually, I took a week off from doing anything active. My legs were very very sore, especially from the steep downhill at the end of the race. My right knee was hurting a lot, and so was my left calf. I started feeling better by the end of the week, and planned a run for Saturday morning, exactly one week after the race.

I did the same route that I had done recently, the one run I did in the dark. This time, I was running while it was light out, and runkeeper didn't malfunction. I had planned it so I could either stop at the 5 mile point, or keep running past that point for either a total of 5.5, 6.1 or 6.9 miles, depending on the last leg of the route. I was thinking that since I had taken off a whole week, my legs would feel really refreshed, and I could do 7 miles no problem. I started off pretty fast, but then faded once I hit a hill at just over 2 miles, and never really recovered. Once I got to the 5 mile point, I stopped running and walked the remaining 1/2 mile back.

Even though I didn't run quite as far (or as fast) as I would have liked, I'm glad I got out there and did it. It did help loosen me up a lot.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)
0.50 4:52 (9:44)
1.00 9:49 (9:49, 9:54) last mile in 9:49
1.50 14:49 (9:53, 10:00)
2.00 19:39 (9:50, 9:40) last mile in 9:50
2.50 24:54 (9:58, 10:30)
3.01 30:20 (10:05, 10:39) last mile in 10:33
3.50 35:22 (10:06, 10:16)
4.00 40:38 (10:09, 10:32) last mile in 10:26
4.50 45:56 (10:12, 10:36)
5.01 50:44 (10:08, 9:28) last mile in 9:58