Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two Kettle Bell Workouts

I'm super behind on posts, so I'm going to do a two in one post about the last two kettle bell workouts I did. One was last Monday (12/2) and one was last night (12/11). Both of them were pretty killer. The one last week was particularly hard because I was just starting up again after taking 3 weeks off from strength workouts. Last night's was really hard because I did it with Joey, and he somehow gets me to do more than I planned, without pressuring me at all.

12/2 KB Workout:
I brought out both 20lb and 25lb KBs, since I wasn't sure what I would be able to handle. I actually managed to do almost everything with the 25lb KB, and only used the 20 for Clean & Press and American Swings. I was very sore after, all the way through to Thursday!

12/11 KB Workout:
Again, I brought out a 20lb KB and a 25lb KB. I know that certain exercises are too difficult with the 25lb weight, especially toward the end of a workout when my arms are tired. I used the 20lb weight for crunch and press, chest press, and the last time through for the clean and press. I had to run back inside the gym to get a lighter weight for the get ups and windmills. I actually got a giant bruise from the clean and presses! For some reason, I don't bruise much when I smack into something hard, but I do when I have repeated contact with something. Last summer, when going to water plants at Joey's old house, I kept walking into his side view mirror. After a week or two, I had a deep purple bruise on my hip, even though it never really hurt each individual time I walked into it. Last night, I kept hitting my right bicep, while the weight was in the rack position, and before I was even finished with the workout, it was already turning colors.
Also, like I mentioned above, Joey gets me to work harder just by working hard himself. I had planned on going through the first set 3 times, and then he started on a 4th set. I was like well I can't just sit here while he works, so I did a 4th time through as well. I hadn't really planned on doing tabatas, but was roped into that. And lastly, once I held his feet down for his 2 minute sit-up challenge (I'm not quite heavy enough to hold him down, so I had to hold a medicine ball plus really push down with my legs - ouch that hurt my calves and hamstrings), I decided I wanted a go as well. I got 54, which I think is my personal best.

After we were done with the workout, we came home to shower and eat, and then went over to a friend's place. We were celebrating her successful PhD defense on Monday! Yay Kerstin! It was really nice seeing friends, and we ended up celebrating an engagement as well!

One side note - I can track which posts are being viewed, and where the viewer came across the site. Usually, people enter the site through Pinterest. Sometimes, google searches lead someone to my site. A lot of the searches are pretty generic, but I've seen a few funny ones in the past few weeks.
Here are a couple of my favorites:
"Tabata eating"
"8k training for fat people"

I'm not sure if someone was looking for a tabata-style eating competition, or if they wanted to know what foods would be okay to eat while doing a tabata workout, and how you should time eating before/after. I kind of hope it was the first one, since that's more entertaining. Although I don't think my blog would have helped them with that.

As for the second, I think that wasn't the best way to search. There are plenty of "fit but fat" people as well as "skinny fat" people. For "fit but fat," this is someone who by standard measures would be considered overweight, but is in great shape. They may just have a large frame with a lot of muscle, or they might carry some extra weight in their midsection while still having strong arms, legs and a solid core. For "skinny fat," this is someone who is very thin, but has no muscle mass. They may even look strong, since a lack of body fat will put any muscle closer to the surface. But in this case, they don't have any functional muscles. So while it was a funny grouping of search terms, I hope that nobody thinks that just because they are "fat," that they can't do a basic 8k training plan. If I can start from nothing and get to the point where I can run 7 and 8 miles, then so can you! Whether you are "skinny fat," "fit fat," or anywhere between, you can do anything I put on this blog, as long as you try!

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