Sunday, November 3, 2013

8k training: 8 mile run in Charlottesville

I had a pretty great day today! It started out with an extra hour of sleep - thank you Daylight Saving Time! I woke up earlier than planned and just stayed in bed, enjoying the fact that it was too early to need to get up. Once I decided I had been in bed long enough, I put on some running clothes. I got to try out some of the new things I bought last weekend. I got two new pairs of running tights/pants, as well as some seam-free underwear to hopefully get rid of some chafing issues. I tried out the new capris - they were Fila Sport from Kohl's, and really liked them.  I've had problems with their pants in the past, since the waist bands tend to be too big, but I just went a size smaller and they were fine. The underwear also worked perfectly - C9 boyshorts from Target. My only problem was some chafing underneath my arm. Now that it isn't super hot out, I don't sweat as much, which means I've lost some lubrication. The shirt I was wearing (the tech tee I got from the women's 4 miler) has short cap sleeves, and the underneath of my arm was rubbing against the fabric on my side.

The run itself was pretty great. I'm starting to realize that I have a serious kick at the end of all of my runs. I know I've mentioned this before, and that a lot of it is probably because I'm holding back in the beginning. With these long runs, I'm never fully convinced that I can keep running the whole time, so I try to go at just a nice easy pace for a while, then once I get to the point where I think hmm, I can definitely finish this run, I kick it up. I don't know how this will translate to an actual race pace. I'll probably need to start pushing the pace a bit sooner, so I don't need to sprint my last mile (even though I'm apparently capable of that). Well, "sprint." Anything under 9:00 is fast for me.

0.50 5:06 (10:12)
1.00 10:15 (10:15, 10:18) last mile 10:15
1.51 15:31 (10:17, 10:20)
2.01 20:33 (10:13, 10:04) last mile 10:12
2.50 26:00 (10:24, 11:07)
3.00 31:14 (10:25, 10:28) last mile 10:47
3.50 36:32 (10:26, 10:36)
4.00 41:42 (10:26, 10:20) last mile 10:28
4.50 46:44 (10:23, 10:04)
5.00 51:44 (10:21, 10:00) last mile 10:02
5.50 56:44 (10:19, 10:00)
5.99 1:01:33 (10:17, 9:50) last mile 9:55
6.50 1:06:36 (10:15, 9:54)
7.00 1:11:30 (10:13, 9:48) last mile 9:51
7.50 1:15:54 (10:07, 8:48)
8.00 1:20:14 (10:02, 8:40) last mile 8:44
8.01 1:20:20 average pace 10:02/mile

After I got back from the run, I had to eat a quick snack and hop in the shower. We were going out to brunch/lunch with a friend for her birthday. I am so glad I went on a run, since I had an EXTREMELY decadent meal! We went to Bluegrass Grill & Bakery, since I had been meaning to try it out for ages. It's a pretty small place and there is always a long wait. We figured that worst case if we had to wait a while, we would just grab a coffee somewhere else while waiting. We got pretty lucky and only had a few people waiting ahead of us, so it only took 15 minutes until we got a table. Let me tell you - any wait that you have is so worth it! The service was great, the portions were big, and the food was fantastic. I got the Pumpkin King, which was two giant pumpkin pancakes (that tasted like really good pumpkin bread) that sandwiched a thick layer of ginger cream cheese, and were topped with ginger caramel sauce and whipped cream. Oh my god, seriously so good. Since that clearly wasn't going to be enough food, I got a side of home fries. I would seriously recommend working out and getting yourself in a major calorie deficit before eating that, since I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I didn't feel overstuffed and sick after eating (most of) all of that food.

The rest of my day wasn't quite as exciting. I went into lab for a few hours to get some work done - yay, my little experiment worked. I then proceeded to spent the rest of the afternoon/night on the couch, watching lots of tv. Hey, I ran 8 miles this morning! :)