Friday, November 1, 2013

Killer KB Workout

This workout was pretty intense! Especially since Joey joined me for the first and third sets, and really pushed the pace in the first set. Apparently he hadn't planned on coming to the gym that day, but when I told him I had two sets planned, he decided to join me. I've never done a KB workout with him, since he's so much more advanced than I am, and does everything a lot faster. It somehow worked out really well - since he hadn't planned on doing a workout, any pace was good for him. And his natural pace was a bit too fast to me, which just pushed me to work harder than I normally do.

For the second set, he had his own thing that he wanted to do, so I struggled through on my own. I thought we were done after that, but then he had some tabata sets planned. My arms and legs were just DONE, so I decided to do core only tabata sets. Man were they hard. Two days later, EVERYTHING is sore! My quads, glutes, and lower back in particular, really hurt. This was my first time using the 25lb KB since I injured my back. All in all, this was a really great, HARD workout.