Tuesday, October 8, 2013

KB Workout - 2 Sets

Well, my week off from strength training is over. I got right back into the swing of things (haha, get it?) with a difficult KB workout. I warmed up with the power drills, then did a century-style workout. I started out with 3 lunge laps instead of 3 burpee laps, and enjoyed it much more. The indoor track at the gym is 10.5 laps for 1 mile. I did 20 walking lunges on one of the straightaways, then ran the rest of the lap. I started up again with the lunges, and repeated this for 3 laps total. Then I took a 1 minute break, and went straight into the century exercises. I wanted to go three times through, so it took me more than the 20 minutes suggested. The 3 laps took me just under 5 minutes, and then the three times through took me just about 22 minutes. I did the entire thing with a 25lb KB, with the exception of the windmills, which I did without weight. I normally would have used 10 or 15lb KBs for the windmills, but forgot to bring them out with me. Once I finished, I ran a few more laps around the track, and did just a few abs exercises. I think I ran a total of 6 laps = 0.57 miles

HRM Results:
Duration: 0:55:25
Calories Burned: 529
Average Heart Rate: 151 (78.2%)
Max Heart Rate: 171 (88.6%)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:47:02

I'm pretty darn sore. It's going to be tough, getting used to running 4x/week, while also doing strength workouts. My right hip/quad is really sore - I'm not sure if it's something new, or if it's also IT band related. I also tweaked something in my back, right around my left shoulder blade. It's wrapping around my left ribs a bit, which is where I had some cramping during my run on Sunday. Basically, I need to do a lot of stretching. I might try for the hot tub tomorrow night.

Also, since I'm doing 4 runs/week as well as 2-3 strength workouts/week, I'm going to be adjusting my workouts. I'm moving Tuesday's run to Wednesday, which I will do in combination with a strength workout. That leaves Tuesday off this week. I'm going out of town on Friday, so I'll also have Friday off. Next week might be completely different, based on my schedule. Here's hoping I can make it work, with few or no injuries!