Thursday, October 24, 2013

8k training: 5 mile run + 2 sets of KB

I now have zero back pain - it's amazing! The funny thing is that I think KBs last night helped clear it all up - funny because a KB workout is what brought the pain on in the first place. I was a bit nervous about doing the workout, but I was going to take it easy, and stop if anything felt bad. I used a 20lb KB instead of the 25lb KB I had been using lately, to help ease me back in. I re-used an old workout, modifying it just slightly. My back hurt a bit during the workout, but I think those muscles were just getting re-accustomed to being used again.

Before I even started the KB workout however, I ran 5 miles outside! I was supposed to do 1 mile slow + 25 minutes fast + 1 mile slow, but the only way I would really be able to keep track of that was on a treadmill. It seemed too much to want to do on a treadmill, and I figured the weather would be pretty perfect for a run outside. I mapped out a 5 mile loop, which is actually one of the loops that I dreaded when I first started running. I used to hate the hill on 5th street, since it just seemed to go on forever. This time around, it was no problem. I actually accelerated up that hill. I guess I've been running up/down even bigger hills, making that one seem easy. The biggest problem was actually Runkeeper - in the first half mile, it was completely malfunctioning, telling me I was running a 3 min/mile pace. Obviously that is impossible. I kept it going so I could at least have the time of my workout, but it was pretty annoying to keep getting pace updates every 45 seconds. At the first light I had to stop at, it started working again. I think that pausing and starting the app made it wake up. I'm not 100% sure of my splits, but I'm pretty sure I ran just under 5 miles (4.97 to be exact) in 48:29.

This is the route I was supposed to run:

This is what runkeeper had me doing:

Note the zigzagging in the first portion:

You can see that the zigzagging stops once I got to the light, so I just figured out what that real distance was to the light (0.55 miles), and the distance it told me I had gone (1.6 miles), and just figured out my real pace.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)
0.55: 5:20 (9:41)
1.0: 9:40 (9:40)
1.5: 14:50 (9:53, 10:20)
2.0: 19:55 (9:58, 10:10) last mile 10:15
2.5: 24:42 (9:53, 9:34)
3.0: 29:39 (9:53, 9:54) last mile 9:44
3.5: 34:23 (9:49, 9:28)
4.0: 39:26 (9:51, 10:06) last mile 9:47
4.5: 43:56 (9:46, 9:00)
4.97: 48:29 (9:45, 9:41) last mile 9:20