Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 mile run + Sparty workout

I'm physically exhausted. I'm coming to realize that strength training + 4 days/week of running is a tough combination. I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow - I just have to get through today's run first. 

Yesterday, I combined Tuesday's run with a sparty-style workout, so I could have Tuesday off. I was originally planning on running outside, but it was raining off and on, and I didn't want to risk getting caught in the rain with my phone. I ran the 3 miles on the indoor track instead. I started off a bit too fast, so I did 1.5 miles, took a 5 minute break, and then finished up with another 1.5 miles, going nice and slow. I did the first 1.5 miles in 13:57, an average pace of 9:18/mile. I did the last 1.5 miles in 15:34, an average pace of 10:23/mile. The very last lap, I went all out, at just under a 7 minute/mile pace. 

Even though I was pretty tired at this point, I got everything set up for sparty. Only one person was going to be joining me this time, so I set it up so we could do everything together, instead of staggered. I also just re-used a previous sparty workout. I have so many written up, there's no reason why I need a new one every time. I picked one that looked hard without being crazy (why I thought it applied to this one, I don't know - since it had both inbred cousins AND burpees), and did a good job of alternating exercises. Sometimes I go to do a workout I've written, and realize that I've put 3 things in a row that all target quads. And then my quads die. 

I barely made it through two sets. In the second set, I had to swap out full burpees and did only half burpees. I know, it's pathetic. I had a pretty hard time with a few of the exercises, since my back was still acting up from Monday night. Inbred cousins, v-ups and back flies were particularly difficult, and to be honest, hurt quite a bit. I put a heated pain patch on my back last night after I got home and showered, and I think that helped a lot. I am in much less pain today. 

I didn't wear the heart rate monitor, mostly because while I was getting ready, I couldn't find the watch. This morning, I decided to look again, since it would be really bad if I lost it. Of course I found it in less than a minute. Oh well, it just means I don't have workout results from last night. 

This is my last strength workout for the week. I'm running today (Thursday) and Saturday, and taking Friday off. I'll see if I have time for a run on Sunday. I also don't know what time I'll be back on Monday (going away for the weekend), and if I'll be back in time for a workout. I might be having another screwy workout schedule.