Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday Yoga

This doesn't even really deserve a post, but I'm going to put one up anyway. I went to yoga on Friday! Yoga makes me so happy (even when my whole body is trembling to hold down dog, and I'm dripping sweat on my mat). I hadn't been to yoga in a while, so it was nice to get back into that routine. I left work around 4 to make it to the AFC for the class at 4:30.

The class was really nice, as usual. We did some arm balances toward the end, and I was able to do a few of them! I'm getting pretty good at crow, and I can do some of the side balances for a couple seconds at a time. There were some really crazy ones that I didn't even attempt, since they didn't work out the last time I tried.

The yoga instructor is a runner, so after class ended, I picked her brain for some advice for IT band syndrome. She had a lot of suggestions! Everywhere I looked online just said to use a foam roller, to ice it, and to take time off. Obviously those can all be helpful things, but they aren't going to solve the actual problem. Ann gave me a few ways to stretch out the ligament, as well as a few exercises to actually strengthen the surrounding muscles. I plan on trying the exercises out this week.

After class ended, I decided to walk home. It was just past 5:30, so it was still light out, and the weather was pretty nice. It took me about 30 minutes to walk the 1.5 miles home. While walking, I realized how many fraternities UVA has, and that I'm really glad I don't live within earshot of any. They were already partying, even though it was barely 6:00.

Class count: 1/10
Time until expiration: 11 weeks

This count is just for me, to keep track of how many classes I go to. When I bought a 10-class pass during promo week, I already had some classes left on my old pass. I want to make sure that I actually use them all up, and that they didn't mess up anything when they added new passes to my old one, with two different expiration dates.