Sunday, October 20, 2013

8k training: Slowest 6 miles ever...

So, I'm trying to get back into my normal workouts, and I'm exhausted. I haven't even started doing strength training yet! I figured that the 6 miles would be okay, since I managed to do 7 miles last week. I guess I didn't realize how helpful strength workouts are in building endurance, and that basically halting those for the last week and a half would make everything else more difficult.

I decided to do the 6 mile run I did a few weeks ago. After doing 7 miles two weeks in a row, I figured 6 miles would be relatively easy, especially since I was supposed to do them slow. It's a good thing that my training schedule said to do it slow, since I don't think I could have gone any faster than I did. It's the slowest pace I've ever had. At just over 5 miles, I had to stop for a few minutes and sit down, I was just exhausted. But I managed to "run" 6 miles.

The only good thing, is that I didn't have back pain while running, unlike my last few runs. I took that as a good sign, but since I got home, I've been sneezing and coughing a lot (I think a cold is coming on), and each time I do that, I feel pretty bad pain. In one sneeze, it felt like something popped or cracked, but I don't think it was actually as bad as that sounds. I'm hoping that everything will be okay to do my workouts this week as planned - I'm thinking of doing a light workout on Monday, with some basic lifting with DBs, medicine ball and stability ball. Depending on how my legs are doing, I'll do a short run sometime between Monday and Wednesday. I want to do KB workout on Wednesday, and then a tempo run on Thursday. I'm going to be away next weekend, so I need to schedule my long run somehow - either on Friday before we leave, or on Sunday once we get back.

I started out with a pretty steady pace, but you can see where it all fell apart in mile 5. I guess it makes sense, since there was a hell of a hill in it!