Monday, October 28, 2013

8k training: 8 mile run in Charlottesville

I've had a busy past few days! Like I said in one of my last posts, my back pain has completely gone away. Of course, as soon as that happened, I managed to slice open my thumb. Apparently trying to screw in the blade of a food processor doesn't work as well when you're gripping the blade. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was initially (I was nearly hyperventilating), and Joey has kept me patched up with neosporin and band-aids. I haven't done any lifting since it happened, but I don't think it would be in the way at all.

Friday I spent the morning working from home, then came in for a few hours to take care of things at work, and left early so I could fit in a long run before we left for the weekend. I ran 8 miles!! We wanted to get on the road by 7, so I left for my run around 4. I wasn't sure how long it would take - if I would need to stop to walk at all, since 8 miles is the furthest I had ever attempted to run. I managed to run the whole thing! Of course, as you can see in the map, I had a lot of stops at lights. I stopped a total of 7 times at lights, but besides that, ran without stopping. I also appear to have quite a kick - the last few long runs I've done, my last mile has been significantly faster than any other mile. I'm probably holding back quite a bit throughout the rest, just to make sure I have enough energy to finish.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)
Note - some of the distances don't end in .00 because there wasn't a corresponding time for that distance on the map - I think the GPS just picks up every few seconds, which isn't always on an exact distance
0.50 5:08 (10:16)
1.00 10:01 (10:01, 9:46) last mile 10:01
1.51 15:09 (10:06, 10:04)
2.01 20:05 (10:00, 9:52) last mile 9:58
2.51 25:02 (9:58, 9:54)
3.00 30:09 (10:03, 10:27) last mile 10:10
3.51 35:16 (10:03, 10:02)
4.00 40:34 (10:09, 10:49) last mile 10:25
4.50 45:40 (10:09, 10:12)
5.00 50:37 (10:07, 9:54) last mile 10:03
5.50 55:52 (10:09, 10:30)
6.01 1:00:50 (10:08, 9:44) last mile 10:07
6.51 1:06:05 (10:09, 10:30)
7.00 1:11:08 (10:10, 10:18) last mile 10:24
7.50 1:16:02 (10:08, 9:48)
8.01 1:20:37 (10:04, 8:59) last mile 9:23
Total: 8.05 in 1:20:54 - average pace of 10:03/mile

Joey ran much more and much faster than I did - he did almost 13.5 miles in 1:46!! We got home around the same time, and tried to recover and shower pretty quickly. We packed up the car, grabbed some food nearby, and then got on the road. We drove into Owings Mills, MD - left Charlottesville just after 7, and got to Maryland just after 10. We luckily didn't hit any traffic. We were spending the night with my grandparents, and spent a couple hours talking to them before heading to bed.

The next morning, we woke up early to shower and get dressed in our fancy clothes, and headed to Columbia, MD for my cousin's Bat Mitzvah. It was really nice seeing all of my family, and Becca did a great job! The reception was in Clarksville, MD, about a half hour away from the service. Unfortunately, Joey and I were both in a major post-running food deficit. We normally do our long runs on weekend mornings, after which we can eat a giant breakfast and then sit around on the couch for a while. This time around, we had a pretty normal sized dinner, which was nowhere near big enough to refuel us. We had a relatively small breakfast the next morning, and were still starving and really thirsty. The service for the Bat Mitzvah started at 9:30, so we were rushed getting there, and didn't stop to get more food and coffee. We figured that there would be food out at the reception, and knew it would be starting around 1. We got there and there were very minimal appetizers out - mostly there was just food for the kids, like french fries, mozzarella sticks, and mini pizza slices. Not exactly what we wanted. It was after 2:30 before they started bringing out food for the adults, and at that point we were both pretty cranky. Although, we weren't nearly as cranky as the rest of my family - I found out that everyone in my family loves drinking socially. They were all shocked and appalled that there wasn't an open bar - AT THE LUNCHEON FOLLOWING A BAT MITZVAH OF A 13 YEAR OLD!! Apparently for my Bat Mitzvah (15 years ago), my parents had an open bar with wine and beer. They did bring wine around once we got food, which I think (partly) mollified everyone. I was very amused by the whole thing. Once we got our food, we made our goodbyes, got some pictures taken.


Then Joey and I got on the road for party number two. His best friend from college was having an engagement party in Harrisburg, PA. We got there pretty easily, it took just about 2 hours. This worked out well, giving us some time to hang out with her before heading to her parents' house for the party. For some reason, everyone lately has really wanted to do my hair and makeup. My sister did my hair and makeup for the wedding we went to two weeks ago, and now Juls did my hair and makeup for her own engagement party! I kind of enjoy it - I never do my hair or wear any makeup normally, so it's a bit of a treat for me. They obviously do a much better job than I would myself. Juls straightened my hair - I've never seen it so silky smooth! I don't even think we took any pictures :(

The night was a lot of fun - her parents had the party catered by their restaurant, and had a bartender there serving wine and champagne. After the guests left, a bunch of us went downtown to a bar to continue having a good time. I was so exhausted by the end of the night, from all of the events in the past few days, that I just wanted to go to bed. I slept pretty well, but apparently did something to my neck while sleeping, since I woke up with a really stiff neck, a lot of pain, and a huge headache. It started feeling better by the end of the day, but still hurts a bit now.

Now I'm trying to decide what I should do tonight - run or strength? I didn't do anything at all since my run on Friday, and I should probably do something active.