Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer already? Too hot to run

I was going to write a post about last night's workout (Wednesday May 29th) but forgot to bring in the paper that summarizes what I did. Instead, I'll write about this morning's run, and then do yesterday's later once I get home!

I had another weird schedule today, starting early in lab at 7am. I had a 4 mile run planned, so decided to do it starting and ending in lab. It made it easier, not needing to have my house key with me as well. It was hot out! It's supposed to be a high of 90 today, and I was hoping that at 8am it wouldn't be as bad. From a regular perspective, it was beautiful out at 8-9 this morning, just around 70-75 degrees. I'm such a baby about the heat though. Since it feels ~20 degrees warmer once you're running, that was just way too hot for me. I had to stop a few times just to catch my breath, but still made sure I ran a full 4 miles (at least according to the runkeeper app). The overall pace wasn't that bad. I knew that the first mile (plus a little more) was going to be mostly uphill, but it didn't feel as bad as I thought it would. The next mile was all downhill, which felt really good. But for some reason, once things leveled off again, the heat really got to me. Stopping the few times that I did really helped. Then I just had to pump myself up to keep on going. I came back into lab red faced and sweaty, and immediately went into the 4 degree room (celsius) to cool off. I walked home and downed a water bottle on the way. It took a while before I cooled off. Of course the walk back to lab made me feel like I needed a second shower. I hate summer....

Running Stats:
4.02 miles in 37:46; 9:24 average pace
462 calorie burned
Mile 1 in 9:39
Mile 2 in 9:19
Mile 3 in 9:04
Mile 4 in 9:39