Saturday, September 7, 2013

4+ mile run in Charlottesville

The weather this morning was perfect for a run. I was pretty tired last night, and just passed out around midnight. I slept until a little past 8 (yay no alarm) and decided to take advantage of getting up early, and go for the run then. It was only going to keep getting warmer outside. The temperature was just below 60 when I left, and it felt really nice in the shade. I wore my new Cville Women's 4 Miler shirt, and my favorite shorts from Old Navy, and took off on a route I've done many times before. The past few times I've done the route, I've made it shorter by cutting out the part on the downtown mall, or by turning onto Grady from Rugby. I wanted to make it a full 4 miles, and in order to do this, the loop was closer to 4.5 miles. I figured I could walk the last part if I needed to. My legs were really tired during the uphills, but once I started going back downhill I got into a nice groove, and kept going even once I heard the 4 mile notification. Overall it felt really good. I went at a pretty easy pace, and pushed it a little toward the end at the last little hill. The only problem is thinking about future runs on this training plan - it's hard to imagine doing more than 6 miles at the pace I was going, even though I was taking it pretty easy. Hopefully by the time I get there (I think in 3 weeks), I'll be more ready for it. I'll also have to think about easing back on my pace - it feels like I'm going pretty slow, but I'm sure I can be going even slower than that.

Heart Rate Monitor:
Duration: 0:47:48
Calories Burned: 560
Average Heart Rate: 170 (88.1% of max)
Max Heart Rate: 182 (94.3% of max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:10:10