Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lifting Wednesday Workout

Last Wednesday I had a committee meeting. Basically every 6-12 months, we need to meet with our thesis committee and give them an update on our research. The first time we do this, we are presenting our entire proposed project, and they have to grant us permission to continue on with the PhD track. Each subsequent time, they are making sure that we are still on track. While it's still stressful to prepare for it, it doesn't have quite the same consequences that the first meeting has. I got some good news from my committee - they told me not to do a lot of the experiments I had proposed, and to start writing the paper that I will have to get published in order to graduate. They want a draft of this paper by January/February.

After the meeting was over, I went home. I was so exhausted from weeks of work and preparation. My plan was to change out of my nice clothes, eat a late lunch, and then just veg out watching tv, and take a nap once I got sleepy enough. I had only gotten through eating lunch (I was too hungry to even change first), when my boss sent me an email asking me to stop in her office when I had a chance. Ugh. I threw on some comfy clothes and headed back into lab. As annoying as it was, I really wanted to talk things through with her while everything was fresh in our minds. We had a good talk, I chatted with someone else in the lab, and then I headed back. Whole thing took maybe an hour, including travel time.

I had planned on resting for a while and then hitting the gym later on. Since that took up some time, I ended up resting longer than planned. I woke up with a start at 6:45, and remembered I still had to go to the gym. I changed into my workout clothes, and used a lifting workout from a few weeks ago. I did only one time through, and just did it at the gym downstairs. Joey was impressed that I was able to go straight from a nap to the gym, and that I did anything in the first place. So...yay me!

I didn't bother with the heart rate monitor, since I knew it would be a relatively short workout (~30-45 min), and this kind of workout is difficult to track with that.

I believe I used the 15lb weights for most of it and 5lb weights for lateral raises.