Monday, September 30, 2013

8k Training: 6 mile run

I ran 6 miles! This is something I have done only once before, and that was the 10k race I did last spring. For the race, I had Joey running by my side the entire time. I was a bit nervous about this run, partially because of the distance, and a little bit because of the bad feelings left from the run the day before. I decided to just make it an easy run - to go at a nice pace, and to stop if I really needed it. I looked at the map for a long time before leaving, to make sure I knew what to do (part of it was a new route for me), and then headed out. I got an early start than the day before, but it was actually warmer outside since the sun was out. 

All in all, the run was pretty good. I stayed at a really consistent pace the first 4 miles, and then slowed down for a pretty big hill in mile 5. I had some shin/knee pain in the beginning, but it subsided once I got to the middle of the run. My feet definitely hurt a lot - I think that for longer runs, my feet get sweaty and start slipping around in my shoes. This forces my toes to slam into the front of my shoe, and the ends of my toes get lots of blisters. At the very end of the run, my left knee started hurting a whole lot. I'm used to pain in the outside of my knee, from tight IT bands, but this was on the inside part of the knee. I pushed through it anyway (which Joey told me was insane, since I could have injured myself), and it stopped hurting after I finished the run and started walking. 

I'm mostly just really proud of myself for doing it! Since I went at a slightly slower pace than the 10k race I did, this was my longest run in terms of time spent running. Next weekend I'm supposed to do 7 miles! I told Joey he'll have to help me find a less hilly route to do. Once I accomplish 7 and 8 miles runs, I might think about doing the Charlottesville 10 miler. It's a distance I never thought I could possibly do, but now I'm starting to think it may be possible.

Splits: (average pace, pace in last 1/2 mile)
0.50: 5:07 (10:14)
1.00: 10:19 (10:19, 10:24) last mile 10:19
1.50: 15:20 (10:13, 10:02)
2.00: 20:31 (10:15, 10:22) last mile 10:12
2.50: 25:37 (10:15, 10:12)
3.00: 30:46 (10:15, 10:18) last mile 10:15
3.50: 35:57 (10:16, 10:22)
4.00: 41:09 (10:17, 10:24) last mile 10:23
4.50: 46:25 (10:19, 10:32)
5.00: 52:02 (10:24, 11:14) last mile 10:53
5.50: 57:17 (10:25, 10:30)
6.00: 1:02:43 (10:27, 10:52) last mile 10:41

Heart Rate Monitor Results:
Duration: 1:05:49
Calories Burned: 780
Average Heart Rate: 171 (88.6% max)
Maximum Heart Rate: 185 (95.9% max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:15:56