Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HABIT + Sparty

I am so far behind on posts. I will say that I warned everyone! What's funny is that I'm about 2 weeks behind on exercise posts, and about a month behind on recipe posts! I guess it's because for workouts, I have all of the data easily on hand to put up. For recipes, I have some pictures on Joey's camera, I need him to write up a few things for some (since he did most of the cooking)...excuses excuses, I know.

So, here is my doubleheader from September 13th. I did HABIT at the AFC, followed by two rounds of sparty with friends.

I felt like I wasn't pushing myself as hard during HABIT as the last time I did it - I felt really tired during it. My HRM results were still pretty good though.

HABIT HRM Results:
Duration: 1:01:59
Calories Burned: 550
Average Heart Rate: 144 (74.6% max)
Max Heart Rate: 174 (90.1% max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:39:04

This is what we did for sparty:

Since there were 4 of us, I had to organize things a bit differently. I'm used to doing it by myself, or with just Joey. Then it's easy to go through the order, 1 through 10. With 4 of us, I had to organize it so there were really two sets of 5 things, and 5 separate stations to do them. We first went through 1-5, then 6-10. For example, if someone started at Squat Jumps, they then did Ab Extenders, DB Chest Fly, Leg Lifts, followed by IBC, before going to the second set of 5 stations.

While it took a bit of time to think it through, I think it worked out pretty well in the end.

Sparty HRM Results:
I forgot to start the HRM again for the first set of sparty, so this is just from the second set
Duration: 0:16:35
Calories burned: 148
Average Heart Rate: 145 (75.1% max)
Max Heart Rate: 168 (87.0% max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:13:34