Thursday, September 26, 2013

Postponed KB Workout

Last night I had a really hard KB workout. I was making up for taking Monday off, and did KB on Wednesday instead of the normal Monday. I don't know if the workout itself was really difficult, or if my body was just dead, but I was exhausted! The first set took me FOREVER, and then I barely had any energy left for the second set.

I had been planning on getting through the 2nd set three times, but I was too tired for that. I went two times through, and then did the 10 and 5 reps exercises a 3rd time through, for a total of 230 reps. I did the 20 American Swings the first time through, but was barely able to do that. I switched it to regular Swings for the second time through.

I am crazy sore already today. My butt muscles are aching because of the high pulls, my lower back hurts from everything basically, and my upper back and arms are dead because of 80 freakin pushups.

I took off the heart rate monitor once I finished KB - before I got to abs.

HRM Results:
Duration: 1:20:31
Calories Burned: 735
Average Heart Rate: 146 (75.6% max)
Max Heart Rate: 169 (87.6% max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 1:12:50