Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spartacus-Style Workout

I did my sparty last Thursday (September 19th), instead of Friday, since we left early on Friday for the beach. My usual partners in crime joined me for the workout. This time, instead of setting up 5 separate stations that we rotated through, I set up a mat for each of us, and put all of the weights and equipment in the middle. I think it worked out pretty well, although some mats were closer to the equipment than others.

We made it through two sets before everyone decided that was enough, and then I stuck around for a third set. I think the best part of the night was when I was making my way through the third set, after everyone else had left. I had left the armband with Joey, so he could try it out for a run, so I wasn't listening to any music. While doing the inbred cousins, some guy said "impressive" to me as he was walking past on the track. I just said thanks and smiled at him, while continuing to rock my way through them. And did a little happy dance on the inside.

I didn't wear my heart rate monitor this time - I didn't feel like dealing with the strap, and knew that results would be off slightly just due to the additional time it takes to explain everything with the workout newbies.

Workout Lessons Learned:

#7 Always work your hardest while at the gym - you never know who is watching you. Your hard work might inspire someone else to work hard as well. Think about it as paying it forward. All of the competitive guys there will want to be working at least as hard as you are. Make them work for it :)