Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Sparty Workout

I discovered today that actually doing a workout with Joey is a lot harder than just having him write one for me. But definitely in a good way. Especially since it meant I could go to Sweet Frog after dinner and get myself a big cup of frozen yogurt :)

We were a bit rushed during the workout - we realized once we got to the gym that it was closing in ~30 min for reunion festivities. We sped through two sparty circuits, then did the rest back at his house with a few minor adjustments. The only thing I didn't get to do was assisted pullups.

Here's what we did!

Sparty Stations (1 minute at each, 15 sec between stations)
Go through twice, resting a few minutes between

Equipment Used:
DBs - I used 12.5lbs for the first set, then realized that was a bit too much and switched to 10lbs for the second
Medicine ball - 14lbs with handles
Stool - 1.5 ft

DB Jerks
Side lunge w/ touch
Ball toss squat (the 14lb medicine ball was a bit too heavy to toss very well, so I ended up doing goblet squats with it)
Box jump
Power high pull
21 guns
Ab extenders
Walkout plank with pushup
Step ups

Back at Joey's house, this is what we did:
Tabata = 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off - 8 sets (4 minutes total)

Tabata 1:
Goblet Squats with 10lb medicine ball
Swings with 20lb DB

4 minutes of as many sets as we could complete:
10 burpees
Short run (we ran to a specific spot and back, ~200 ft)
10 crunches

Tabata 2:
Walkout planks (no pushup)
Triple crush with 20lb DB

Finally, we ended with a 2 minute abs drill. Joey stood on my feet, and I had to try to do as many full situps as I could. I honestly haven't done a real situp since probably high school gym class. There has been such an emphasis on crunches instead of situps, but these were really hard! In the 2 minutes I managed to complete 53. Not bad for my first try - now I have something to beat!