Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday Workout with the help of FitFabCities

Yesterday I spent a long time looking at some of my favorite exercise-focused websites, and realized that I really like workout infographics. It's helpful having everything all in one printable graphic. It's even better when it includes little cartoons of some of the exercises, but that isn't absolutely necessary. I told Joey that I was spending way too much time searching for some, and he told me I should make my own. Then even better, he turned one of my workouts into one! How great is he??

Using his template, I'm going to try to do that for all of my future workouts, as well as update my previous ones once I get the time. I would also like to have a second graphic, that includes detailed descriptions of the actual exercises, so anyone can just print out those 2-3 pages and be set. That last part might take longer to implement.

The above picture is what I did last night. I will say first, that printing takes a couple of steps, but is still really simple. You just save the image, open it in preview or adobe acrobat, and then print. It should be formatted to fill up the entire page (using 8.5x11 paper).

I used a lot of workouts from FitFabCities last night. She has a ton of great workouts, and hopefully won't mind that I'm posting some here. (You get all of the credit, Caitlin!)
Most of her workouts give the option of going through 1-3 times, depending on your level. I decided to do 3 of her workouts once through, followed by an Abs workout. Because of that, I had a decent amount of repetition, but not in a bad way.

Here's some information about how I did the workout last night:
I started with the pullups/dips (no extra explanation needed there). I then did Total Body - 1. I used 10lb DBs for the squat press and biceps curls. I used a stability ball for the triceps dips, and don't think I would do that again. It was really hard to get a grasp on it, and I felt like I didn't get as much out of it as I could. She recommended using a chair or bench, so totally not her fault.
Next I did Glutes/Abs. I used a stability ball for the glute bridges and pulses, as recommended, and it worked out well. I liked that you didn't need any equipment for the rest of it, and you probably could do the glute bridges without the stability ball.
I did Total Body - 2 next, and that did require some equipment. I used 10lb DBs for the bent over rows, side lunge with touch, and squat press. I again used the stability ball for the dips because I didn't have any better options right there with me. This was the only plank that I did in pushup position, the rest were done on my forearms.
I ended with the Abs set. I used a 10lb DB for the Russian twists - if I had more weights with me, I would have used a higher weight. I just didn't feel like dragging out more than I already did.
General thoughts - I liked doing 3 sets once through, instead of 1 set 3x through. It mixed it up a bit more. Although, that requires a lot more planning. If I'm coming up with all of the workouts myself, it might take some time. This was also a new method of organization for me. I especially noted that in the Glutes/Abs set, the body parts being utilized were not alternating. In other words, it didn't do a glutes exercise, followed by an abs exercise. Basically the first half was glutes, the second half was abs. It definitely makes you feel the burn!

Joey thinks that I'm almost ready to do an unassisted pullup! I'm not so sure about that. He thinks by the end of next week - I'm thinking at least a few weeks. Since I've done 3 workouts with 70lbs assistance, I'm going to try 60lbs assistance next week. Joey thinks that I should try to do a regular pullup each time I'm at the gym now. And then if I can't do it, move onto the assisted.

For dinner we did a repeat of Monday night, but I seasoned the tilapia with lemon, dill and butter instead of the brown sugar/mustard combination.

Question to anyone who is actually reading this - do you like the way I put my workout in one image? Is it helpful to you? Would you actually print it out and take it to the gym with you?

Side note - I've been STARVING today! It doesn't help that I woke up before 6. I was in lab around 6:30, had a frozen breakfast sandwich (english muffin, egg, cheese for 210 cal). Then had coffee and a giant blueberry muffin leftover from yesterday's lab meeting, around 8:00. Was still hungry after that so I had some tea. Then had breakfast #3 around noon - greek yogurt with berries, jam and granola. Had lunch around 4 - sandwich on wheat bread with tomatoes, lettuce (from the garden!), caramelized onions and mushrooms, avocado, spicy mustard and gouda cheese. I'm still hungry now...I hate long days...