Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden Update 6/22/13

Our garden has moved! That move was just slightly behind the actual move. There are still a few things left at Joey's old house, but mostly everything is at the new place. The original plan was to put everything on our covered balcony, but then we realized that it didn't actually get very much (if any) sun. I noticed that the path to our front door was large enough, and the plants shouldn't be disturbed since it goes only to our door. Luckily enough, this area does get sun.

We lined everything up against the front rail so it could all be in the sun

Rainbow Swiss Chard, getting really big! Some of them are almost ready

Veggie/Herb Box #1

Broccoli - only the one wasn't eaten by the little green caterpillars

Parsley - this is doing much better this year than last!

Veggie/Herb Box #2

              Two bell pepper plants - the one on the                                Roma tomato plants       
             right is getting shadowed by the tomatoes. 

From left to right: 
Top: Cinnamon Basil, Sunflower, Dill
Bottom: Rosemary, Roma Tomato, Chives

Big tomatoes - still not doing great. We have 4 tomatoes growing, but they haven't done much in the past few weeks. We also haven't had any new tomatoes form. All of the little buds died. 

The separated roma tomato plant that is doing great!

Herb/Veggie Box #3

                          Thyme - doing pretty well                                       Scallions
                     Little basil plants doing quite well                  Little eggplants. They might need
                                                                                            to be transplanted