Thursday, June 13, 2013

Google Reader --> Bloglovin'

Several months ago, Google made an announcement that made me very sad. Apparently Google Reader wasn't popular enough, so they will be terminating it in July. I use Google Reader almost every day, so this was very surprising to hear. I follow A LOT of blogs, and having them all in one place makes it a lot easier to keep up with. As soon as I read the announcement, I knew I needed to find a replacement. I read a lot of blog posts about everyone's favorite new reader, and gave a few a try. Bloglovin' is where I ended up. It's very easy to use, and I like the format. I wanted to be able to organize everything based on unread posts and by each blog. You can create groups for where the different things you follow are organized. The one downside is that even though it advertises that you can switch everything from your Google Reader over, it didn't work perfectly. It took a week or so, of comparing what came in via Google Reader vs what came in through Bloglovin'. Now that I made the switch, I am very happy!

I just found out today that you can "claim" your own blog on Bloglovin'. Apparently you can get statistics based on who reads it through the reader, and how many followers you have. Here is how you can follow me through Bloglovin'!
Follow Me With Bloglovin'

What are all of you using as a reader?