Monday, June 17, 2013

Workouts: Sparty on Friday + Running on Sunday

Last Friday, I did a sparty workout with Joey and his friend Mariusz, on the lawn in front of Mariusz's house. It was pretty warm out, so I wore spandex shorts and a tank top. Turns out that wasn't the best thing to wear...

I started by getting a bunch of bug bites. Thankfully, Mariusz had bug spray that prevented more bugs from biting. Some of the stations required me to get down in the grass (example - the ab stations), and I started to get pretty itchy. I kept asking Joey if he was sure that I didn't have any bug bites on my back, since my back was really itchy and I could feel some bumps. He said I just had some irritation from the grass. It was a good thing he didn't tell me what was really going on, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to finish the workout. Once I got home, I saw that every inch of exposed skin on my back and shoulders was covered in welts that were criss-crossed and overlapping. Some areas had a few scratches, and those were even worse. Of course I started freaking out, and jumped in the shower. We applied a liberal coating of Cortizone Cool Relief gel, followed by Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream (my new favorite things). Hours later, it mostly just looked like I had a sunburn, since the swelling had gone down, but the skin was still red.

I'm just so sick and tired of being allergic to nature. Even though I know none of these reactions are serious or life threatening, I still freak out every time. It also is insanely uncomfortable.

Anyway, this is the workout we did:

Spartacus-Style Workout:
10 stations, 60 seconds at each, 15 seconds between
Go through twice

Inbred cousins: 10lb medicine ball
Swing catch: 15lb DB
Ab extenders
Side lunge with touch: 10lb DBs
Squat jumps
High pull with 2 10lb DBs
Crunch with hold
21 guns with 2 10lb DBs
Walkout plank with pushup

The only one I counted was inbred cousins - and I did 15 each set.

Then we did cards - basically each of us took turns picking a card from a standard deck. Joey picked twice, since we wanted to have 4 picks each turn. We stopped when we each had 7 cards. These were the rules for the cards:
Hearts: Squat Catch - do the number on the card, with jack=11, etc
Diamonds: Burpee - do the number on the card
Spades: V-Ups - do the number on the card
Clubs: Calf Raises - 2-6=10/leg, 7-10=20/leg, face card=30/leg

The idea is to try to do each one as quickly as we can, and move onto the next. If we picked two of the same thing in a row, we put the second one aside for the next turn. Otherwise it's pretty painful.

Totals: in ~16.5 min
65 Burpees
49 Squat Catch
46 V-Ups
180 Calf Raises/leg

On Sunday, Joey helped convince me to go on a run. He mentioned it the day before, and I asked if I could join him. Then he ended up having to drag me out of bed (not quite literally, but almost) to get me to do it. I think the main reason we went on the run was so we could eat biscuits later with less guilt - more on that in another post.

We ran 3.7 miles in ~36 minutes, here is the route below: