Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekly Finds: 6/30/13

These are a bit late because I was out of town this weekend! More details to come.
Also, I don't have very many links for some reason...

Roasted Beets and Polenta Napoleon A homemade polenta cake is baked until crispy, then topped with roasted beets tossed in a tahini dressing, beet greens, and creamy goat cheese. I found this recipe in the bi-weekly newsletter for my local Farmers Market.

Double Cookie Dough Ice Cream As promised - this ice cream has a hefty dose of cookie dough. Not only are there cookie dough bites mixed in, but the actual ice cream base is cookie dough flavored!
Lemon Blueberry Bread More like a cake than a bread, the batter is brightened with lemon zest and studded with blueberries. Once baked and cooled, it is drenched with a lemon sugar sauce, and then drizzled with a glaze.
Vanilla Bean Pavlova with Honey Cream and Berries This is the sophisticated version of berries and cream - a vanilla scented meringue topped with honey sweetened whipped cream and summer fresh berries.

Fun Finds:
Hooverball A game apparently invented by President Herbert Hoover's physician to keep him fit - it combines volleyball and tennis, but uses a 9lb medicine ball. The best part is that people still play it today!
Laughing Babies Oh my goodness. All the cuteness

I Want To: Run a Half-Marathon Training plan by The Greatist to have you running a half marathon in 12 weeks flat. It assumes you have at least 6 months of regular running, of ~10 miles/week or more.

Random thoughts:
  • I don't understand "messy" food pictures on blogs. You know, where there's ice cream dripping down the sides of a bowl, onto the table. It makes for an interesting picture, but I always wonder how many tries it took to get that perfectly messy picture, and how long it takes to clean it up.