Tuesday, July 23, 2013

31-Day Challenge!

I decided to do a 31-day challenge! Normally most challenges are over a month, but I didn't want to wait until August 1st to start. I was perusing a few workout sites that have month-long challenges, and combined a bunch that I saw. This means I have a whole lot of things to be doing every day. I'll see after the first week if this is doable or not. On workout days, most of what I need to do is already completed in my workout. Running days will be harder, since I'll have to do all of the challenge things separately.

For the group on the left (triceps dips, pushups, forearm plank, mountain climbers), do either 2 or 3 sets (depending on the day). For the group on the right (wall sit, crunches, burpees, squats), just do the amount listed, one time. Burpees do not count as pushups - you  need to do separate pushups for that. Do whatever kind of crunches make you happy - traditional, bicycles, reverse, etc. V-ups could count for that as well.