Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Workout Recap - Running on July 16th

Okay, so now I really am going to get back into running. I really mean it this time!

After such a lazy (and gluttonous) weekend, I wanted to make sure I worked out hard this week. I didn't have time for KB on Monday due to a long experiment, but I wanted to keep with my MWF strength training schedule, so I decided to do a run yesterday. It was ~100 F outside with the heat index, so no way was I going to do a run outside! I planned on doing a treadmill run at the gym at my apartment complex. My plan was to do ~ 3 miles, since I'm just getting back into the running again. My hope is that this won't be starting from scratch, that I still have a base level of running endurance. I remembered that while browsing some workout sites, I saw some actual treadmill workout plans. I went back and looked, and saw an interval plan. It was a 30 minute treadmill workout, including a 5 minute warmup and cool down, and changed the pace every minute for the 20 minutes in the middle. I changed it slightly, to make it a bit longer, and swapped out the minutes at 4mph to do 5mph instead (I didn't want to have to walk at all). When I told Joey I was planning on trying this out, his response was - that actually sounds like fun. I agree - it was fun switching it up every minute. It made the workout go by a lot faster since you're just constantly paying attention to the next pace you'll be doing. I think it was also really good for me to do intervals that didn't include walking. In a typical race situation, I don't want to be walking at all, and I need to learn how to vary the pace (for hills, water, etc) and still come back to a steady jog after a sprint. It's also a workout that can be extended for more mileage, so I could do it in the future, once I get back into running shape.

Tuesday Running Workout:
Inspired by Fit Sugar

In the whole workout, I did 3.28 miles in 36 minutes, and burned 424 calories (according to the treadmill readout). I got to 3.00 miles at the end of the running in 32 minutes. 

All in all, I really liked the workout. I think the slight incline helped burn more calories, and get me more used to running outside with hills, without actually noticing it. During the running portion, my average pace was almost exactly what I would have chosen if I was doing a slow run - about 5.7 or 5.8 mph. Doing it this way, I was able to get my heart rate up a bit more, and hopefully build some running endurance. 

So - here's hoping I'll keep this up!! My tentative plan for Thursday is to do it based on one of the playlists I found on Fit Sugar. They have playlists of songs that are best for certain paces, determined by the beats per minute. I'll maybe try a 10:00 pace playlist, or make a variation of paces from 9:30-10:30 pace.