Saturday, July 13, 2013

Workout Recap - Sparty with Tabata/Strength Sets on July 12th

My original plan was to do a kettle bell workout on Friday, since I hadn't done one the entire week, and since I had already done several sparty workouts (sparty workouts are the best bet when I'm low on both time and gym equipment). Since I ended up being low on time, sparty is the workout that won out. We had a housewarming party last night since it's one of the few weekend nights Joey will be around for the next few weeks, and I had a lot I needed to do before people came over. I took my yoga mat down to the apartment gym, and did my workout there. (BTW - found out that there's a back door to the gym, and that's the one that is open at 6am. Good to know, but it took being locked out to figure that out.)

Here's what I did!

I used 10lb DBs for everything.