Saturday, July 13, 2013

Workout Recap - Sparty from July 6th

I have a bunch of stuff to post from the last week. I looked through my workout bag to pull out the little scraps of paper that have my workouts written out, but then couldn't find the one from last Saturday! I was supposed to do a Sparty workout last Friday (July 5th) but I came home completely exhausted, and my right knee was really hurting. Pains kept shooting up to my hip and down through my calf/shin. I was a lazy bum while Joey went and did a hard workout. He helped adjust the workout he did so it wouldn't be as hard on my knees, so I could do it the next morning. Which I did do, but now I can't find the workout!

Here's what he did:
Walkout plank with pushup
Bicep curls
Clean & Press
Box Jump
Shoulder Raises
Russian Twist
Goblet Lunge
Calf Raises

Here's what I actually remember doing. The problem is that I've done 2 sparty style workouts since that one, so they're all getting mixed up.
I remember doing:
Clean & Press (15lb DB)
Shoulder Raises - front/lateral raises (5lb DBs)
Russian Twist (15lb DB)
Calf Raises
Air Squats (no weight)
Bicycle Crunches

I know that I didn't do IBC, Box Jump, T-Pushups. I'm going to have to check with Joey to have him help me out here. Once I figure it all out, I'll make a workout graphic :)