Saturday, July 13, 2013

Workout Recap - West Virginia Sparty Workout on July 9th

Since I was in West Virginia for both Monday and Wednesday, I wanted to make sure I got some kind of workout in. On Tuesday, I woke up before the morning wakeup call, so quickly changed and headed outside. I used my yoga mat and the 10lb DBs I brought with me. Someone else from my cabin (another guest who came to give a seminar) joined me - she had experienced sparty workouts back when she was a camper, as well as one of the actual campers this year. It was interesting being in charge of leading the workout. Hopefully they enjoyed it!

This is what I did:

I used 10lb DBs for the Biceps curls, Lunge with Twist, Back Fly, Side Lunge with Touch, and Inbred Cousins. I used a bench for the Triceps Dips. It was the first time I had done IBCs with a DB and not a medicine ball. It worked out a lot better than I expected. I was still able to do 15 in each set, so it didn't make it any more difficult.