Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KB Monday + Brazilian BBQ

Last night I worked out hard, and then possibly ate even harder haha.

We went out to Joey's favorite restaurant for brazilian barbecue - Texas de Brazil, and I planned a hard workout before it. They have an option to just get stuff from the salad bar, which is what I do every time I go there. It's the best salad bar I've ever been to - they have all kinds of cooked veggies, delicious cheese, salads, seafood, soup, etc. At the table, they give you little rolls stuffed with cheese, mashed potatoes, and cinnamon sugar fried bananas (I think that they want you to think they're plantains). Of course for the meat lovers, they have people walking around constantly offering you pieces of flank steak, top sirloin, bacon wrapped everything, etc.

I filled up on just one big plate from the salad bar. And then of course went back for more. We kept asking for more of the bananas - they were so delicious. We treated them as our dessert.

I was so glad I had done a hard workout before, so I felt like I earned it a bit more. I'm really feeling the workout today - my arms and back are super sore, and my abs and glutes are pretty sore as well.

This is what I did yesterday!

Assisted Pullups:
60lbs assistance: 2 (I could have done a 3rd if I just got a tiny bit of help)
70lbs assistance: 3, 4
Immediately following the 4 with 70lbs assistance I changed to 90lbs assistance and did 6 more

Assisted Dips:
90lbs assistance: 7, 7, 7

Then I did the KB workout below.

I used a 20lb KB for everything except the windmills and get ups - I used a 10lb KB for those. I warmed up with 3 laps around the track (a little more than 1/4 mile). I started with "Jump Start," doing that level 2 card once through. I did one more lap around the track, then did KB 300. I had a really hard time with it actually. I started off really well, maybe even too fast. By the time I finished the half burpees I was really struggling, and kept taking breaks. My total time was 17:40. Not an awful time, and it beat my first time doing this, but I wanted to beat the time I got two weeks ago. I also made it more difficult on myself, since I had already done a lot of Swings, Clean & Presses, and Burpees in the warmup card.

After catching my breath, I went into the "150 Degree Fryer." The actual card is 300 degree fryer, because you end up with 300 reps, but only if you go through the card twice. I went through once, hence 150 degrees.

I was going to do a separate abs set, but I was exhausted by the time I finished this, plus I ran out of time. Maybe I'll do some today! I haven't decided if I'm running or not....I guess my post tonight or tomorrow will answer that.

If you live near a Texas de Brazil, they're having a special this month on their regular dinners - print out the images below and bring it with you!

Please print and present offer to hostess. Offer valid for discounted $34.99 regular dinner during dinner hours of operation only. Valid Monday-Thursday, for up to 8 guests per table/reservation until 7/31/13. Valid at the following locations only: Dallas, Addison, Fort Worth, Memphis, Baton Rouge, Denver, Richmond, Fairfax, Tampa, Detroit, Salt Lake City & San Antonio. Not valid with any other offer or on restaurant holidays. Does not include salad area only dinner, discounted children's dinner, beverages, alcoholic beverages, desserts, tax or gratuity. Texas de Brazil reserves the right to change promotion at any time.