Saturday, July 13, 2013

Peach picking!

I went peach picking this morning! I was very excited, since I really want to make peach jam again. I made some last summer when Joey was gone, and it is incredible. We've been eating it the whole year, and have just one jar left. It's definitely time to make more.

I went to Carter Mountain, and it was much easier getting there this year since they paved the 2 mile road going up the mountain. The skies looked dark and stormy, but rain held off while we were there. It actually didn't start raining until much later. The peaches were giant! But mostly unripe. I found a couple that were over-ripe, and promptly ate them. Then I managed to pick 8 lbs of peaches that just barely gave to pressure. Joey is gone until Monday night, so the hope is that they don't ripen until Tuesday or so, so I can get his help with the jam.