Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden Update - 7/20/13

I'm so excited, we're finally getting tomatoes on our roma tomato plants! Plus, we're finally seeing some good regrowth on the big tomato plant, meaning we didn't completely kill it!

Swiss chard - I should probably pick the rest of it to use soon, since I don't think we're getting any new growth

Broccoli plants are getting bigger, but no signs of actual stalks yet. Parsley is doing great!

Big giant roma tomato plants!

Little pepper plants trying to do something

 First little tomato coming in!!

Herbs are also doing well

Looks like the sunflower plant is going to bloom soon?

Big tomato plant is huge!

Lots of new growth at the top!

The biggest roma tomato plant

Some buds coming in at the top

More herbs doing well. Eggplant isn't really doing much...

Kumquat tree!

Look at all of that new growth coming in!

House plant doing really well