Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lazy weekend, Garden update, Food from the last week

I've been having an incredibly lazy weekend. Joey left around 10am yesterday, and I went peach picking and then into lab. After that, besides going back into lab twice today, I've done absolutely nothing. No running, no working out. Lots of eating, since Joey left me with leftovers such as kitchen sink cookies, brownies, pretzel bites, cheesecake bars, and hummus.

Here are the movies I've watched:
Magic Mike - wow, it is exactly what was advertised - hot men stripping
The Five Year Engagement - kind of sad, but pretty funny. lots of awkward humor
The Lucky One - a predictable romantic comedy
Casino Royale - always a favorite
Seven Pounds - seriously makes me cry, every time. like buckets
The Social Network - did a great job of portraying Mark Zuckerberg as a total asshole

I didn't post any pictures of the garden last week, even though I did make sure to take some before we left for WV. Here are pictures from last week AND this week.

Last week:

First ripe tomato!

Soon to be on their way (we picked them this week)

Before we picked

                        After we picked                                                   Lots of swiss chard and herbs!

Basil and parsley

First tomato from the garden! It was delicious

And then here are pictures from this week!
Kumquat tree! Doing well still

Swiss chard on the left. Broccoli and parsley on the right

Pepper on the left, still slow to grow. Roma tomatoes on the right. Saw our first buds!

Cinnamon basil is doing really well!

Big tomato plant is still growing at the top. All of the ripe tomatoes have been picked, we saw some new buds the other day

Biggest roma tomato plant on the left. Herbs on the right - also doing really well. Eggplant on the bottom right, still pretty small, but mostly because it was not meant to be in that container!

Also, here are some random things we've eaten in the past couple weeks. 

Tortellini with swiss chard (from the garden), tilapia and cauliflower, with some fresh basil sprinkled on top. Joey made most of it while I was having a long phone conversation with my best friend :)

Fried eggs on the homemade cheddar jalapeno bread. This was such a good breakfast!

Italian green beans - we'll post the recipe eventually

Breakfast for dinner - leftover marinated veggie skewers + kale + eggs on the left, Joey's famous pancakes on the right