Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Workout Recap - KB Monday on July 22nd

Last night I used Joey's workout site for inspiration in planning my workout. By using it for inspiration, I mostly mean that I copied the first 2 sets, making minor changes (ie making it easier) for me. I liked the workout - the second set especially was a different style of workout. He also showed me a new KB exercise called "Libby swings" - only because a girl we know named Libby showed them to him originally. Pretty cool huh - having a KB exercise named after you! Basically for Libby swings, you do a Figure 8 w/ stop, but instead of pulling the KB to your chest with the stop, you pull it to just above your head. It takes a lot more effort to get it up there.

As usual, I did everything with a 20lb KB. In the second set, Joey normally does 5 laps+burpees, then does as many times through the set as he can in 20 minutes (usually ~3-3.5). I had no idea how long everything would take me, so I did 3 sets of laps+burpees, then went through the set twice. It took me exactly 17 minutes, and that included 1.5-2 minutes of rest after the laps, and between times through the set. It took me 5:45 to do the laps+burpees, and then 4:30 to go through the first time, and 5:15 to go through the second time. I think next time I'll try to do a 3rd time through, since that wouldn't put me very much over the 20 minute mark.

After I was finished with the workout, I did the exercises I needed for the 31-day challenge. Thankfully most of them were already completed in the workout (I crossed those off below), so there wasn't much extra.