Saturday, July 20, 2013

Workout Recap - KB Wednesday on July 17th

I hadn't done a KB workout in a while, so I decided to do one on Wednesday. Joey did his workout earlier in the day during his lunch break, so my normal plan of taking the bus to the AFC and then catching a ride home with him wouldn't really work. I remembered that Mem Gym has kettle bells, and was much more convenient for me, so I decided to go there. Let's just say that was a really bad idea. The last time I did KB at Mem Gym and proclaimed it a good decision, it was June 19th. I checked the weather forecast, and it was cloudy and a high of 76. I even said then, that it was a bit warm in there and not very well ventilated, but it was a convenient location. I somehow managed to forget about that part when I decided to go on a day that was a high of 95, with a heat index of 105. The windows were open, since it was hotter inside. My even bigger mistake was to even attempt to do a workout for time.

I asked Joey to give me a warmup and cool-down workout, and I was going to do KB 300 in between. I was pouring sweat within the first 5 minutes. I did the cool-down, and got started on KB 300. I did the pushups pretty well, not as quickly as lsat time, but not too bad. I also got through the V-ups pretty quickly. Once I got to the half burpees, things started going down hill. I tried to do 10 at a time to start, then that went to 5 at a time. The breaks in between were pretty long, and by the time I got through the clean and presses, I had already stopped the timer twice. I felt really sick, so I texted Joey and asked what I should do. I really wanted to just completely stop, but Joey said I should go stand in front of a fan, drink a bunch of water, and then try to complete the workout. Of course not bothering to time it. I alternated the two-arm swings and American swings - doing 10 of each at a time, and then finished with the mountain climbers. Then somehow I had the energy to go through the last set Joey gave me once. I came home, and for once - Joey was the one waiting at the door to give me a big glass of ice water :)

After cooling off and eating dinner, we made a double batch of peach jam! I will be posting more about that later.

Anyway, I will end with:

Workout Lessons Learned:
#1 Don't work out at Mem Gym if the weather is >80 F