Thursday, July 11, 2013

National Youth Science Camp

Sorry I've been away for a while! I had a pretty busy weekend, and then I was away for a few days. On Saturday we went to a quarry nearby to swim and jump off the rocks (I just sat on a rock in the water the whole time watching the crazy people), then on Sunday we left for West Virginia and just got back last night. Near Bartow, West Virginia, there is a camp every summer for students who have just graduated from high school. Two are chosen from each state, as well as a few from some other countries like Mexico, Peru, Argentina. They stay in a pretty rustic camp for a few weeks, and have different science-based seminars, lectures, and interactive sessions. They also go to DC for a few days and get to meet some pretty important people. It's a great opportunity for kids interested in science. I gave a seminar about grad school in the biomedical sciences, and talked a bit about my research. I was surprised by how much interest it got. Several of the kids were really excited about my work, and were already thinking about grad school.

Another thing about the camp, is that it's in the National Radio Quiet Zone. Meaning, zero cell signal, plus no 4g on my phone. It was pretty nice, but kept me away from the blog for a while. Now that I'm back, I'll be filling you in on the workouts I've done and some food I've made.