Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wednesday Workout

Yesterday was a hectic day. I had lab meeting in the morning, and of course it was pouring on my way in. Even with an umbrella, and catching the bus, I still got pretty wet. One of my good friends recently had a baby, and I went to see her after work. Her baby is so cute! I stayed there longer than I had planned, so it was 6:30 by the time I got to the gym and changed. I tried to rush through my workout so I wouldn't get home incredibly late, and finished a little before 8. I came home and Joey had dinner for me! He called it a "kitchen sink" dinner, but it was actually really delicious. He sliced some fresh tomatoes and feta, made some savory french toast with the cheddar jalapeno bread I made the other day, scrambled some eggs, and sauteed some yummy veggies. It was a delicious dinner. We then went out for drinks to celebrate with one of our friends - he just had his dissertation defense. So like I said - busy day!

I used 12.5 DBs for the shoulder presses, 24 guns, back rows and kick-backs. I used 10lb DBs for the lateral raises, and definitely regretted that! I told Joey that they were really hard, and he said that I was insane to use 10lb DBs - that he usually uses those! He said I should have used 5lb weights, and now I know!

Before I started with the workout, I did some Joey-assisted pullups. I'm almost ready to do one on my own! He said that with the first one, he didn't even pushup with his hands, that I just pushed off of his hands a little with my knees. Since I put out so much effort with that, I had a really hard time doing the rest for my 3 sets of 3.