Thursday, August 1, 2013

Busy Busy

Yesterday was a very busy day! I had my weekly lab meeting at 8:30am, but since I was the one presenting, I got into lab around 8 to put the finishing touches on my presentation. It's an informal meeting - we all just take turns presenting our latest data - but I like having things together. I usually end up getting questions I can't answer regardless, so I like doing a good job for the things I do know! After lab meeting I did a mini experiment to test some conditions for a bigger experiment I'm doing next week. I spent some time updating the blog, then did some experiment planning for today's experiment (yet another long, busy day). Joey and I had a friend over for dinner, so once I finished at work I had to rush home and try to fit in a workout. I managed to make an abbreviated workout still feel effective, and it only took 30 minutes to complete! It helped that I didn't have any challenge requirements to fulfill. Dinner was awesome btw - I'll post the recipes soon!

Joey was using the heart rate monitor for his KB workout, so I don't have those results. I don't imagine mine burned a ton of calories, but I definitely felt the burn in my muscles. If I had the time I would have repeated everything for an even better workout. Joey just got his own heart rate monitor, so I'll have full use of the pink one for the next bit! (Until my friend wants it back, of course)

Just as an FYI - I used 10lb DBs for the Squat Press and Side Lunge w/ Touch. I used 15lb DBs for the Biceps Curls, Bent Over Row, and Russian Twists.