Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Workout Recap - Lifting on Monday, August 12th

Mondays are normally my kettle bell workouts. However, there are only two gyms that have kettle bells, and both of them are closed or open for minimal hours this week. The AFC is completely closed, which also means I can't go to any classes. Mem Gym is open from only 11-2, which would require a lot of planning on my part. Since I had done zero planning when I left the apartment Monday morning, I decided to just do a normal Wednesday lifting workout. Since I increased my running, I've been getting in enough cardio that straight lifting was a nice break.

When I first wrote the workout, I wasn't sure that it would be hard enough. That didn't end up being an issue. Since I was just in the apartment, I did it in underwear and a sports bra, and I could feel sweat dripping down my back. I also tried a few things that were new, which was an additional challenge. I really liked the plank variations. My hamstrings are super sore from that, even two days later! I didn't really like the split squat with chair, but I may have not been doing them correctly. I did like the single leg deadlift row. They took me a while to complete because my balance is so horrible, and they require a lot of it!

This is what I would recommend as general guidelines, for choosing which DBs to use for each exercise.
Any kind of front or lateral raise - go really light. Trust me. If you've been lifting for a while, use 5-6lb weights. If you're a beginner, use 2-3lb weights. Joey, who is crazy strong, usually uses 7.5 or 10lb weights, just to give you an idea. I used 5lb weights for these.

Hammer curls, biceps curls, squat pres - use a medium weight. I used 10lb weights, and probably would have used 12.5lb weights if I had any.

Russian twist, overhead triceps extension - use something a bit heavier, since you're holding it with both hands. I used a 15lb weight, although I probably could have used a 20lb weight and been just fine. Just be careful with the Russian twists, when touching the weight to the ground. Just hold the weight up in the air the whole time if you don't want to smash your fingers. I also used the 15lb weight for the deadlift row.

Heart Rate Monitor:
Duration: 0:47:19
Calories Burned: 290
Average Heart Rate: 119
Max Heart Rate: 148
Time In Zone: 0:13:57