Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Giving Kettle Bell Lessons

I showed someone how to use kettle bells on Monday! One of my friends approached me last week, saying she was interested in doing some lifting/strength training, and was wondering if she could tag along for some of my workouts.

Joey helped me come up with a workout that would really highlight the basic kettle bell exercises, while still being a good workout for me. I went up in weight also, which made a big difference. I had been using a 20lb KB and switched to a 25lb KB for the first set. I still used the 20lb one for the second set.

I first went through and demonstrated everything from the first set, having her do a few as well. Then we completed the first set in an "I go, you go" fashion. I went first, to remind her of how to do each one. After that, I showed her a few more advanced versions. I finished up with KB 300 on my own.

I'm curious to see if this will be a regular thing, having my friend join me for KB. It's a tough workout, and I know it took me a while to get used to the movements. I'm still relatively new to it, so I know that I'm not the best teacher. But hopefully she had fun!

Heart Rate Monitor:
Duration: 01:17:35
Calories Burned: 645
Average Heart Rate: 139 (72% of max)
Max Heart Rate: 172 (89% of max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:52:37