Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lifting Wednesday - with friends

I had another teaching workout - this time with two of my friends. I think it went a bit better this time, mostly because working with dumbbells is a lot simpler than working with kettle bells. Most people have used free weights at some point, so anything I showed them was relatively familiar.

I used 12.5 lb weights for everything except for the front/lateral combo raises, which I used 5lb weights for. If you're just starting out, I would recommend 5 or 7.5lb weights for everything, and then 2-3lb weights for the raises. You can even try doing the raises without any weights at all, which is what one of my friends did. It's surprising how difficult they are, even with a low amount of weight.

I used my heart rate monitor, but wasn't expecting any huge numbers. The workout took longer than if I was doing it by myself, since I was demonstrating everything. We also got sidetracked with conversation several times. Because of this, we took a lot of breaks, and my heart rate was lower. Still, not bad results.

Heart Rate Monitor:
Duration: 01:10:27
Calories Burned: 467
Average Heart Rate: 124 (64.2% max)
Max Heart Rate: 157 (81.3% max)
Time in Zone (65-85%): 0:35:41

After we finished the workout (we did two times through), we went in the hot tub for a bit. I would have liked several cycles of pool (cold) --> hot tub (hot) --> wauna (hotter), but it was already pretty late. I changed back into my sweaty workout clothes, because they were actually drier than the clothes I wore to work (got caught in a major downpour), bought some drop-in class passes, and Joey picked me up. We made green beans with cauliflower, oven baked fries, and burgers on homemade pretzel rolls. I had some leftover double bean veggie burgers that I made last week (recipe to come soon!)