Sunday, August 11, 2013

Workout Recap - Sparty on Friday, August 9th

I had a double workout on Friday! I bought a 10-class pass for the AFC at the end of May, and have barely used it. I haven't been to yoga since then, because it's more difficult to get to the AFC from my new apartment, and I've had long experiments almost every Thursday. The pass expires in about 5 weeks, and I want to start getting some use out of it! There was a class offered on Friday that sounded interesting, so I decided to try it out.

The class is called HABIT, and is described as:
Hips, Abs/Arms, Back/Buns & Incredible Thighs. Use a variety of equipment to help you strengthen and tone major muscles while increasing metabolism.

We used a bosu ball, a stability ball, a resistance band, and free weights. We kept moving throughout the entire class, and I felt like I got a really good workout! I used the heart rate monitor during the class, and this was the readout:
Duration: 1:03:51
Calories Burned: 568
Average Heart Rate: 144
Max Heart Rate: 177
Time In Zone: 0:37:10

Then I met up with Joey, and we did two rounds of Sparty together. He had just done a track workout, so this was workout #2 of the day for both of us. I used the heart rate monitor again. The relatively low readout shows that I was already pretty tired from the first workout.

Heart rate monitor readout:
Duration: 0:45:43
Calories Burned: 383
Average Heart Rate: 140
Maximum Heart Rate: 170
In Zone: 28:21

We also did a 2 minute sit-up challenge, and I did 55.